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Request for Tender
Research of Issues Facing Tenants in the Private Rented Sector – joint research Threshold and Citizens Information Board


Threshold is a national housing charity, founded in 1978, with regional advice centres in Dublin, Cork, and Galway. Threshold provides frontline advice, advocacy, and support services to those facing housing problems in Ireland and operates the national Tenancy Protection Service. Threshold promotes policy and legal change in housing provision through research and evidence-based solutions.

Threshold also conducts surveys, analysis and research into the experience of private renters. Based on these, and on the information from our client database, we devise policy solutions and make proposals to Government on how to make the private rented sector a fairer, more affordable, better quality and more secure place in which to live and to call home.


Threshold also provides second-tier supports to Citizen’s Information Service (CIS) advisors around more complex issues in the private rented sector. Related to this work, we are engaging in a joint research project between Threshold and the Citizen’s Information Board (CIB).[1] The aim of this research is to produce a social policy report, based on the data available to each organisation, which explores the principle issues in the sector and concludes with a set of policy recommendations to improve the experience of those living in the sector, with a particular focus on the financial vulnerabilities of private renters. The focus on financial vulnerabilities should include, but is not limited, to affordability, rent levels, rent increases, rent arrears, the effectiveness of rent regulations and the tenant protections related to COVID-19, the efficacy of state supports in ensuring access to and retention of rented housing and the illegal retention of rental deposits.

Invitation for Research Tenders:

We invite Tenders to produce a social policy report with the aim as set out above which will analyse the Threshold and relevant CIB datasets and relevant case notes. Tenders will be evaluated and the project overseen by a research advisory group composed of representatives of both Threshold and CIB.

The Research:

This project will include:

  1. Desk based research of existing reports, publications and submissions by Threshold and CIB on issues facing private tenants living the sector. A review of relevant data available which provides information on the core research question (CSO, ESRI etc)
  2. A broad analysis of the relevant datasets of Threshold and CIB[2] across the various issues associated with the private rented sector and queries / problems about which tenants contact the two respective organisations
  3. A deeper analysis focussing on the impact of of rent reviews and increases, rent arrears, deposit retention, RPZ issues, HAP and Rent Supplement, and issues which impact on affordability more generally, which pose specific financial vulnerabilities for a range of private tenants and which may threaten their security of tenure
  4. Consultation with Threshold, CIC and MABS advisors in respect of these issues
  5. Consideration of the above analysis in the context of COVID-19 and its implications
  6. Description and explanation of methodologies used in the project
  7. The development of findings arising from the analysis of the research
  8. The production of policy recommendations for the private rented sector based on these findings and agreed with both organisations
  9. Regular updates to, and communication on progress with the research advisory group
  10. A draft report for review by the research advisory group
  11. A final report for publication by the Citizen’s Information Board and Threshold

Tender Submission:

The submission should include a summary of the applicant’s previous experience and qualifications, a table of contents of the tender document, a proposed methodology, any relevant appendices, a timeline for all work activities and completion, the duration of days to carry out the work, details of costs, examples of previous relevant work and contact details of two referees.

Tender assessment will be based on the following:

  • Applicant’s ability to demonstrate a clear understanding of the tender request
  • Applicant’s understanding of Threshold, the Citizen’s Information Board and the private rented sector as a housing tenure
  • Experience of having previously conducted similar projects conducting desk based quantitative analysis on similar social / housing issues
  • Proven track record of report writing, including specific findings and meaningful, realistic recommendations for policy
  • A proposed structure for the envisaged report
  • Clear and realistic timelines and project plan
  • The project’s value for money and price competitiveness
  • The successful applicant will ensure that the work facilitates consistency, clarity, and equality and reflects the culture and values of Threshold and the Citizen’s Information Board.


The deadline for receipt of applications is 26th April 2021

We may ask interested parties to present on their Tender.

The desired target date for project delivery is the 31st of August.


The budget for this project will not exceed €15,000, inclusive of VAT.

A full breakdown of costs associated with the different elements of the project should be provided together with the proposal, including VAT where relevant.
The fee will be inclusive of all costs (for example, administrative costs, VAT, and travel) but not publication of the final report.
Price increases during the term of the contract will not be accepted.
Please include two references from similar recently completed projects.

All enquiries should be directed to
Ann-Marie O’Reilly, Policy Officer at


All parties agree to hold confidential all information, documentation and other materials received, provided, or obtained arising from their participation in this process.

All the information requested from you and collected by Threshold during this Tender application process is necessary and relevant to the performance of the process. Threshold will treat all information you supply with the utmost confidentiality and in line with current data protection law.

If you have any questions about the use of your data during the Tender process or wish to know how your data will be treated if you engage in this process with Threshold, please contact our Data Protection Officer at (data protection queries only).

[1] CIB supports Threshold to provide specialist back up supports to CISs and is grant aiding this research to explore private rented sector housing issues impacting on the clients of specialist and generalist information and advice services

[2] CIB datasets include Caller/Query data presented to Citizens Information Services and related services such as MABS - Money Advice and Budgeting Services.

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