The Dublin Homeless Network: Invitation to Tender

Invitation to Tender

1. Introduction

The Dublin Homeless Network are commissioning work designed to complement the Dublin Region Homeless Executive’s ongoing Review of Homeless Accommodation Services. This analysis will identify key learnings from the voluntary providers’ perspective that will contribute to national homelessness response and elimination strategies.

2. Background

The Dublin Homeless Network is a network of organisations in the voluntary sector that provide services and/or housing to people experiencing homelessness or at risk of homelessness. The Network is a voice for voluntary homeless organisations in Dublin which;

  1. Informs national and local government policy and strategies on homelessness.
  2. Proactively engages with other stakeholders including statutory bodies to work towards eliminating homelessness and improve policy and services.
  3. Provides an accountable and democratic structure to nominate representatives from the sector.

3. Quantifiable Metrics

This review is to contribute to the national policy to eliminate homelessness led by the Dublin Region Homeless Executive in the greater Dublin area.

Specifically, the goal is to:

  1. Identify ways from a homeless services provider’s perspective to improve the quality and effectiveness of homeless services in preventing and addressing homelessness and supporting people in housing.
  2. Identify the challenges experienced by homeless services providers as they seek to improve the effectiveness of homeless services in preventing and addressing homelessness and supporting people who have moved on to housing.
  3. Make recommendations based on review process.
  4. Outline how these recommendations align with the Programme for Government - Our Shared Future (June 2020)

These areas to be explored under the following domains:

  1. Vision of future service design and delivery for various categories of people experiencing homelessness.
  2. Financial issues.
  3. Workforce development issues - staff attraction and retention.
  4. Quality Systems and Standards.
  5. Intersection of health & homelessness.
  6. Transition of clients from homelessness to housing.

For this we are proposing a mixed methods approach including consultation with key stakeholders.

The output:
A collaborative paper targeted at informing elected officials, government departments and statutory and voluntary bodies.

4. Management of the Process

An Oversight Group will oversee the process. The group’s role may involve discussing and approving aspects of the project design and instruments, as well as advising and supporting the reviewers as they carry out all aspects of the project and implementation and monitoring of recommendations, as appropriate. Membership of the Oversight Group will include: ANEW, Depaul, Dublin Simon Community, MQI, Safetynet and The Salvation Army. Day-to-day management of the review process/contract will be led by Dublin Simon Community.

5. Budget

The total budget for the review, including deliverables listed above and inclusive of VAT and all expenses, will not exceed €15,000.

6. Timeframe:

For completion August 2021

7. Format of tenders

Selection of a reviewer or review team to carry out the work will be made at the discretion of the Dublin Homeless Network. Applicants should submit a tender document which addresses the points listed below. The tender document should be no more than 3,000 words (excluding CVs, which should be added as appendices).

Tenders applications should be brief, complete, submitted on time and include the following elements:

  • A statement demonstrating understanding of the project and aims.
  • Demonstrated understanding and track record in project.
  • An outline of skills, qualifications, and experience in the area.
  • Proposed methodology for completing this review project. The methodology should assume that the review may need to be conducted partly or completely remotely (rather than in person) to comply with health & safety standards and Covid-19 restrictions.
  • A workplan identifying the steps and timeline for completing the review.
  • Proposed communication arrangements with the project manager so as to ensure effective completion of the review on time and within budget.
  • A timetable demonstrating completion by due date.
  • A list of recent projects and clients who may be contacted for references in relation to this tender.
  • Statement of tenderer’s capability to undertake project according to the timeline stated above.
  • Costs must include:
    • Any issue that may impact on cost.
    • VAT and expenses.
    • A breakdown of days to complete the review, number of persons involved, cost per day per person, roles of persons involved.
  • Current in date Tax Clearance Certificate.
  • Supplier Information.
  • Liquidated damages form.
  • Schedule of professional indemnity insurance.

All material gathered and all deliverables will remain the sole property of Dublin Homeless Network. Tenderers must agree to this condition in their proposals.

8. Tender Timeframe

  • Any queries in relation to this tender should be submitted by 5pm on the 16th April 2021 to
  • Responses to any queries will be copied anonymously to all those who submit questions or confirm interest in the tender process, for transparency and completeness of information.
  • Queries will be responded to by 5pm on the 23rd of April 2021.
  • Tender to be submitted by 30th April 2021 at 5pm to
  • Tenderers may be requested to attend an interview.
  • Notice of award of tender by 14th May 2021.

Completed tender documents must be submitted (by email) on 30th April 2021 at 5pm to

Tenders received after this date and time will not be opened and will be returned to bidder advising them that their tender was late and is not being considered on this occasion for this competition.

Please note: The onus is on the tenderers to present clear and accurate tenders rather than on Dublin Homeless Network representatives to decipher mistakes.

9. Process for Selection of Tender

All proposals will be objectively analysed on a pass/fail basis against an established system of criteria including:

  • Completeness of tender documentation and completion in accordance with format specified above including completed supplier information form.
  • Stated ability of tenderer to meet the requirements of the invitation to tender.
  • Provision of the Supplier liquidated damages form.

Failure to provide the items above in the returned tender submissions will automatically invalidate the tender.

Only those tenders, which meet these qualifying criteria, will be eligible for inclusion in the award process.

Any attempt to manipulate, alter or omit specific details as requested in the above will invalidate your proposal.

Only those Tenderers deemed to have the financial standing and technical capability to meet the current and future requirements of the contract will be eligible to have their tenders assessed based on the award criteria.

Tenderers must be able to demonstrate quality of product and lead-time.

There will be 1000 marks available in total based on a qualitative assessment of the submission, all tenderers must confirm capacity to deliver a collaborative paper targeted at informing elected officials, government departments and, statutory and voluntary bodies within the indicated budget on €15,000.

10. Changes to invitation to tender

The Dublin Homeless Network reserves the right to update or alter the information contained in this document at any time, but not later than seven days before the closing date for the receipt of tenders. Participating tenderers will be informed as the need arises. There is no obligation on the Dublin Homeless Network any tender, and it may be decided, following the review of the tenders, not to proceed.

The Dublin Homeless Network reserves the right not to award the contract if no tender is found to be suitable.

11. Other Terms and Conditions For Discussion and Input

Ownership – Ownership of the review will rest with ANEW, Crosscare, Daisy House, Depaul, Dublin Simon Community, Focus Ireland, HAIL, Merchants Quay Ireland, ONE, PACE, Respond, Safetynet, The Salvation Army.

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6th Apr, 2021
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