Rialto Development Association: Call for Tender

Terms of Reference for the development of a Strategic Plan 2022-2026

Introduction and Background

The Rialto Development Association (RDA) is a voluntary organisation established to manage St. Andrew’s Community Centre for the benefit of residents and community groups in the wider Rialto area with a particular emphasis on tackling disadvantage and promoting social inclusion and economic development. The main activities carried out in St. Andrew’s are those by its four resident projects – the Rialto Community Drugs Team (RCDT), the Rialto Youth Project (RYP), the Rialto Day Care Centre for the elderly (RDCC) and Rialto Community Network (RCN). There is also a Community Services Programme (for managing the building), a Community Employment scheme and an artist studio, Studio 468, within the centre.

With the exception of Studio 468, these projects have their own team of staff, project managers, management committees and their own work plans. All projects have been impacted by COVID-19. For those working directly with service users (i.e. the elderly, young people, men’s groups, those in addiction), the challenge has been to continue working with them while abiding by COVID-19 control measures. For the Community Services Programme, the challenge has been mainly financial as community groups, organisations and individuals have had to cancel their bookings with us for the use of our rooms. This proposal, for the development of a Strategic Plan, is about taking a collective view of all parts of the organisation and facilitating and developing a strategy that responds to COVID-19 and looks to the future.

The RDA has a robust mission statement which includes the following:


Our vision is to create in St. Andrew’s Community Centre, through its services to the wider community, a place and space of welcome, inclusion, tolerance, and justice.


The mission of the Rialto Development Association is to oversee the management and development of St. Andrew’s Community Centre in order to;

  1. facilitate the provision of quality services and amenities which are responsive to local needs based on equality, diversity, justice, and inclusion with a view to empowering and enriching individuals, families and communities of interest in Rialto and its environs and
  2. contribute to building up a sense of community by active networking and co-operation.

The Rialto Development Association is committed to the development of specific targeted services and the provision of dedicated accommodation for projects under our remit, which are:

The Rialto Day Care Centre for Older People;
The Rialto Youth Project;
The Rialto Community Drugs Team;
Rialto Community Network;
RDA Community Employment Scheme; and Studio 468

The Rialto Development Association is committed to supporting and accommodating these projects and for the ongoing maintenance and development of the centre for the use of these and other community groups.

RDA Funders

RDA receives funding for its 6 projects and the centre principally from;

  • Health Service Executive,
  • City of Dublin Youth Services Board
  • Pobal
  • Department of Employment and Social Protection
  • Canal Communities Local Drug & Alcohol Task Force
  • Dublin South City Partnership
  • Dublin City Council

Current Proposal

Funded by the Community Foundation of Ireland (CDI), this proposal has been developed by the RDA board to take a collective view of all parts of the organisation and to facilitate and develop a strategic plan that responds to the consequences of COVID-19 for the organisation and looks to the future 5 years. This will be the first such strategic plan for the RDA. Both Covid-19 and CFI’s ‘Adapt and Respond’ strand of funding has presented itself as an opportunity to implement this proposal.

Tender Brief


This proposal is to develop in consultation with the Board of the Rialto Development Association a strategic plan for the period 2022 – 2026 to steer their work within St. Andrew’s and to serve the Rialto community.

Specific Objectives:

  1. Identify current strengths and reach of the RDA and its projects through desk research and consultation with voluntary members of management committees, project staff, service users and their families.
  2. Identify existing and emergent needs and opportunities for strategic development from 2022-2026 through;
    • Consultation with the Board of the RDA, its 7 projects/services and service users
    • Consultation with St. Andrew’s ‘user groups’
    • Conducting a needs assessment within the Rialto community
    • Consultation with other community, voluntary and statutory stakeholders including other local organisations and agencies, funders, policy makers and leaders in the community in Rialto
    • Explore environmental assumptions including political, economic, social, environmental, legal and technological factors in the consultation process outlined in points a-d above.
  3. Develop a strategic plan with clear operational objectives that builds on the strengths of the RDA, its projects and centre provisions and which
    • Responds to emerging needs and opportunities within the community
    • Complements and seeks collaboration with other local organisations and agencies that share values with the RDA
    • Harnesses the possibilities for change and embraces the challenges to recovery and connectedness presented by the COVID 19 pandemic and the post pandemic era
    • Enhances organisational communication internally, with external stakeholders, in person, technologically and through the development of a common identity (branding)
    • Celebrates the rich community of Rialto and enhances the intergenerational reach of the RDA
  4. Incorporate the development of a communication strategy in the RDA Strategic Plan
  5. Develop a framework implementation plan for 2022- 2026
  6. Produce and present an organisational Strategic Plan to the Board of the RDA


Consultation will be overseen by a sub-group of the RDA Board of Directors who have agreed the Terms of Reference for the development of the strategic plan. The sub-group will liaise with and oversee the development of the plan in consultation with the consultants and the RDA board. Together they will present the strategic plan to the Board on completion.


Once the tender award has been issued, it is expected consultation and programme development will be completed within a maximum of 6/9 months, i.e. ideally conducted in 2021 for launch in Q1 2022.

Profile of Applicant[s]:

The applicant should have a strong track record in community consultation, strategic planning facilitation and report writing. They should also have an understanding of community development and socio-economic inequality/disadvantage.


Interested parties are requested to submit a brief proposal outlining how they would undertake the work as outlined above. Please include the following;

  • A proposed project plan outlining the key stages in the work
  • A proposed outline of the approaches and methodologies to be used and potential referees of same
  • An example of similar work undertaken, including a document of same.
  • Detailed CV of the consultant highlighting relevant experience.
  • A proposed time frame / timeline

Required Skills & Experience:

The applicant will be required to demonstrate:

  1. Knowledge and experience of similar work.
  2. Critical social analysis.
  3. Understanding of community development, facilities/centres and community/voluntary projects/services
  4. Community consultation and engagement track record.
  5. Consultation methodologies.
  6. Understanding of issues outlined in the brief.

Proposed Budget:

  • The successful tender will be awarded on a value for money basis, within a maximum budget of €8,500 to include all costs including administration costs, expenses incurred and VAT.
  • Applicants should provide a breakdown of costs.
  • A tax clearance certificate must be provided prior to the awarding of any contract.


A payment schedule will be agreed with the successful applicant. The following schedule is proposed:

  • One third to be paid on signing the contract
  • One third to be paid on receipt of draft strategic plan
  • One third to be paid on receipt of final strategic plan
  • Payments will be made within 28 days of receipt of an invoice. If at any stage during the development of the strategic plan, the agreed level of quality of the strategic plan development is not adhered to, payment may be withheld.

Copyright and Confidentiality:

The consultant will be required to assign copyright of the report to Rialto Development Association. Copyright for any illustrations or other material used should be cleared by the consultant. Sections of the report may be made available for public use by Rialto Development Association.


Applications should be submitted by e-mail to: centremanager@standrewsrialto.ie;

For further information, please tel: 01-453 0744 and ask for Mary Kinane, Centre Manager

https://standrewsrialto000.wixsite.com/st-andrews (new website under construction)

Closing date for applications is 5pm Friday 30th April 2021: No applications will be considered after this time.

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6th Apr, 2021
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