Quarryvale / Balgaddy School Completion Programme: Invitation to Tender - IT Project

Quarryvale / Balgaddy School Completion Programme


The School Completion Programme (SCP) is an initiative that aims to have a positive impact on retention for young people at risk of early school leaving. This is achieved in a number of ways utilising a range of innovative, creative as well as tried and tested interventions. What makes the School Completion Programme model unique is its ‘bottom-up’ approach, which allows Local Management Committees (school-based, community, statutory and voluntary interests), to put together plans and supports that target the needs of local young people at risk of early school leaving. SCP has been in existence since 2002.

Project brief:

Our programme is looking to develop an artefact to provide a technology based interactive experience for 6th class students transitioning to post –primary level education. The artefact needs to allow students to explore the various elements of the transition and concerns/questions that they may have. Programme staff will work with the successful tenderer to create content for the artefact. The successful tenderer is simply required to construct the artefact.

The final artefact may include, but is not restricted to;

  • A collection of Videos
  • A Virtual Tour
  • An Information App
  • An Interactive Website
  • Other creative ideas


  • An interactive artefact that allows 6th class students to explore the transition to second level education.


The Artefact is to be completed and operational for May 3rd 2021.

Required Submissions:

  • A creative approach brief describing what you or your organisation can offer(this does not need to be hugely detailed at this point)
  • A CV of the individual(s) that will carry out the work
  • Samples of previous work
  • A full quote for services
  • A timeline for completion of the project


The deadline for all tender submissions is Friday 19th March 2021. All submissions should be emailed to quarryvalebalgaddyscp@gmail.com. Any queries may be addressed to the above contact email also.

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