Suas & Camara Ireland: Invitation to Tender

Suas and Camara Ireland

Invitation to Tender


Suas’ aim is to support children from disadvantaged settings to realise their rights and achieve their full potential through education. In the Irish context our interventions focus on the development of core literacy and numeracy skills and are targeted towards those at high risk of school failure - struggling learners in designated disadvantaged DEIS schools. We recruit and train volunteers to deliver our proven paired reading and maths programmes. Since 2013 we have supported over 6,000 children across 80+ DEIS schools in Dublin, Cork, Galway, Limerick and Waterford.

Through our work with partner schools we can see that COVID-19 is hindering literacy outcomes for children and exacerbating educational inequality. There is a need and opportunity to combine technology with our one-to-one support model to deliver support to thousands more children over time. In partnership with the leading education technology NGO Camara Ireland we have delivered a successful pilot programme that delivered our volunteer literacy intervention online. We are now in the process of merging with Camara Ireland and the merger will be completed in February 2021.

To take the learning from our pilot and bring the programme to a scaleable level, Suas and Camara Ireland are keen to recruit an experienced educator/educational technologist. This work will support the adaptation of Suas’ volunteer-delivered paired reading and maths programmes for online/blended delivery and/or support the adoption of alternative volunteer-delivered online reading and maths support programmes if more effective. We are committed to evidence-based programming and are keen to use proven approaches insofar as possible.

The Assignment

We are anticipating an assignment from February to June 2021 involving two stages as follows:

Stage 1: Initial research (10 days)

  1. Reviewing Suas’ paired reading and maths interventions and proposing how these could be adapted for online/blended delivery
  2. Identifying alternative reading and maths interventions that could be delivered with the support of trained volunteers online
  3. Identifying the optimum technology support to ensure efficient and effective delivery of the interventions
  4. Comparing the effectiveness and value for money of the various interventions and recommending the most appropriate option for Suas/Camara Ireland for the purposes of scaling their literacy/numeracy support to children in disadvantaged communities
  5. Facilitating a team session to share findings and determine optimum approach to Stage 2

Stage 2: Literacy pilot and numeracy pilot (20 days)

  1. Working with the implementing team to finalise plans for pilots in the period March-June 2021 (especially with regard to intervention design)
  2. Identifying literacy/numeracy materials to be used as part of the interventions and/or developing materials for use where necessary
  3. Advising on training implications for volunteers of the interventions/materials selected
  4. Advising on the monitoring and evaluation approach for use with the interventions
  5. Refining the interventions/materials based on the experience and results of the pilots


This assignment will start as soon as possible and complete in June 2021. Aspects of the work will align to the pilot intervention timeline. Please note that delivery of Stage 2 is dependent on schools being open and the pilot intervention being possible.


Applicants should have:

  • Substantial knowledge of the education sector with a focus on literacy/numeracy interventions
  • Proven knowledge and experience in the area of educational technology particularly online/virtual teaching and learning practice
  • Proven track record in delivering similar/related pieces of work to tight timeframes
  • Experience of working with volunteers in a similar setting (desirable)
  • Excellent writing and research skills

Application Process

The application should contain the following:

  • Applicant details and CV
  • Examples of similar, previous work
  • Overview of the proposed project approach and methodology
  • Summary timeline and budget


The budget for this work is in the region of €15k ex VAT

Contact Details

For further details regarding this assignment please contact: Orna Mulhern

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