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Sign Language Interpreting Service

Request for Tender for
ISL English sign language interpreters

Sign Language Interpreting Service (SLIS) was established in 2007 through the Citizens Information Board (CIB) as the national Sign Language Interpreting Service.

The purpose of this Request for Tender (attached) is identify an organization to provide Irish Sign Language interpreting services to SLIS to support engagement with all Deaf stakeholders on an ongoing basis.

SLIS require tenderers to ensure that Interpreters assigned to work with SLIS for our internal and external meetings and events are registered on the Register for Irish Sign Language Interpreters (RISLI).

The deadline for receipt of tenders is 4pm, 3rd March 2021 to,
with a closing date for queries to this tender of 3pm, 22nd February 2021.

General Info

Date Entered/Updated
11th Feb, 2021
Expiry Date
3rd Mar, 2021