HSE National Office for Suicide Prevention & the Irish Prison Service: Invitation to Tender

Irish Prison Service & HSE

Request for Tender for:
Research and implementation support services to support the management of self-harm and suicidality in the Irish Prison Service.

Background information

The HSE National Office for Suicide Prevention (HSE NOSP) and the Irish Prison Service (IPS) are pleased to jointly issue this Request for Tender for research and implementation support services to support the management of self-harm and suicidality in the Irish Prison Service. The partners to this tender are instigating this competition to:

  • Gain greater insight into the effectiveness of current practices being used in the prison service to manage self-harm and suicidality;
  • Obtain research and implementation support to assist with the roll-out of an evidence-based intervention (CAMS) to manage presentations of self-harm and suicidality in the prison population.

The prison population is an extremely vulnerable one and is more likely to exhibit characteristics associated with self-harm than the general population. Self-harm in prison is not only a risk factor for prison suicide, it can be a major problem for the prison and impact on (staff and inmate) morale within the institution. In addition, risk factors for self-harm among those in custody will be different to those of the general population.

An essential component of suicide prevention in prisons is having a surveillance system in place to monitor the incidence of self-harm and suicide attempts. Such a system will provide robust information relating to the incidence and profile of self-harm within prison settings, identify individual- and context-specific risk factors relating to self-harm and examine patterns of repeat self-harm (both non-fatal and fatal). Such information can be used to inform the identification and management of those in custody engaging in and at-risk of self-harm and to develop effective prevention initiatives.

Under Connecting for Life (CfL) – Ireland’s National Strategy to Reduce Suicide (2015-2020) - the Irish Prison Service (IPS) has committed to, inter alia, reviewing, analysing and identifying learning for each episode of self-harm within the prison estate. To this end, since 2016, the Irish Prison Service (supported by the National Suicide Research Foundation) has been working to quantify, assess and understand the self-injurious behaviours that occur across the IPS estate. The resulting Self harm Assessment and Data Analysis (SADA) Project is providing vital and empirical evidence for the IPS to use in the development of policy and strategic responses to assist in reducing the overall incidence of self-harm behaviours. To date, two annual reports of the SADA Project have been completed and published, providing insight and analysis and comparators of self-harm and suicidality in the Irish Prison Service. This also facilitates a comparison with other jurisdictions and highlights the differences between the general population and people in custody. The IPS is currently planning to implement an evidence-based intervention, Collaborative Assessment and Management of Suicidality (CAMS), to support front-line IPS staff in responding to self-harm behaviours and suicidality in the prison population.

About the HSE National Office for Suicide Prevention

The HSE NOSP supports, drives and co-ordinates the implementation, monitoring and evaluation of Connecting for Life (CfL), Ireland’s National Strategy to Reduce Suicide 2015-2020 (www.connectingforlifeireland.ie). CfL focuses on the primary and secondary prevention of suicidal behaviour and addresses a broad range of risk and protective factors. There are 69 actions under seven strategic goals; 22 government departments/agencies have made commitments as lead and/or supporting partners to deliver on these actions. In addition, 23 NGO partners are funded (by the HSE) to deliver on work aligned the CfL strategic objectives.

About the Irish Prison Service

The Irish Prison Service is responsible for the safe and secure custody of persons held on remand, on immigration matters and people sentenced to prison.

It is responsible for ensuring that convicted persons properly serve their sentence. The Irish Prison Service is also responsible for providing the opportunities for prisoners to engage in a meaningful way in order to reduce the likelihood of their reoffending and assist them reintegrate into their communities.

It is the role of the Irish Prison Service to help achieve a safer and fairer Ireland by:

  • Providing safe and secure custody with dignity of care for people committed to prison;
  • Reducing the risk of harm to the public and the likelihood of reoffending by providing rehabilitation for people in prison;
  • Working with the Probation Service to create an integrated offender management programme;
  • Assisting people in prison maintain family relations and contact with the wider community.

Please see Request for Tender document attached below.


All queries relating to this tender competition must be sent by email only to Sarah Rochford (Research Officer, HSE NOSP – sarah.rochford@hse.ie) with the subject line: ‘CAMS RfT Query’. All queries must be submitted by 5pm on 18th January 2021.

The IPS and HSE NOSP reserves the right at any time before the tender deadline to update, cancel or amend the information contained in this document and / or to extend the tender deadline.

Submission of tenders

Tender responses must be submitted via email to Sarah Rochford at HSE NOSP (sarah.rochford@hse.ie) by 5pm on 2nd February 2021. Tender submissions received after this deadline will not be accepted. All tender documentation must be in PDF or Word format.

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