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Clay CLG Youth Project


Clay CLG  Youth Project as a non-profit company and charity, successfully works with young people and the community through two current programmes – the Clay Garda Youth Diversion Project and Clay Youth Work (UBU) Programme.

Based in Crumlin, Clay CLG is a purpose-built youth centre accessible to young people of all ages from local and surrounding communities.

Our mission is to enhance the life skills and opportunities for young people so they can realise their potential and participate in their communities now and in the future.

Clay Garda Youth Diversion Project is a Community based, multi-agency youth crime prevention initiatives which primarily seek to divert young people who have been involved in anti-social and/or criminal behaviour by providing suitable activities to facilitate personal development, promote civic responsibility and improve long term employability prospects.

The Clay Youth Project CLG is seeking tenders from suitably qualified experienced researchers to cost and support the planning of a research process, that will identify the strengths, assets, needs and challenges of the Clay GYDP community catchment area. After planning, this tender will go on to undertake the research as outlined below.

This research should form the basis of a plan to improve resources, services and the co-ordination of existing supports available to young people aged 6 to 25 from the statutory and funded services, in particular but not exclusively in the areas of Family Support, Early Intervention and services aimed at hard to reach young people.

The Clay catchment area consists of electoral districts of Crumlin D, C, B, E, and F.

This research should include a population profile, an audit and mapping of existing services, including details of the type and level of services provided in relation to the above age group and Services that cover the area that are located adjacent to the areas listed above.

An analysis should be conducted, to include existing and latent demand on services and how their resourcing allows them to respond to these demands, and how effectively services currently work together. Stakeholders include, but are not limited to young people, their families and service providers (including schools, youth and community-based services, statutory and non-statutory providers).

Gaps in service provision should be identified, and recommendations on actions required to address those gaps should be made. These actions should be categorised into short, medium and long-term and align with potential resources available from future IYJS funding and other funding streams in line with a possible provision for Family Support, Early Intervention and services aimed at hard to reach young people. This should outline the expected impact of the application of additional resources

The research should be informed by recent research carried out in relation to building community resilience and the recommendation made therein in relation to the Clay catchment area.

Research Candidate Spec

  • Proven experience of similar projects
  • An understanding of the role of funded community projects and statutory services in disadvantaged communities
  • Understanding of community development
  • Knowledge and understanding of current National Youth Strategy / Youth Justice strategy
  • Experience of conducting focus groups and interviews especially with young people

Submission should include the following:

  1. Curriculum Vitae of each person to be involved in the research project
  2. Previous similar research projects undertaken
  3. Timescale to complete the project based on previous experience and availability in the coming months
  4. Total cost for the research project to be broken down into daily rates and any other costs e.g. travel - all totals must show VAT
  5. Two contactable references from similar recently completed projects

Submissions should be sent to:

Deadline: 31st January 2021

Charitable Status Number: Chy 19983
Company Registration Number: 383751

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