Childhood Development Initiative: Invitation to Tender

Childhood Development Initiative

Invitation to Tender:

Development of an Ante Natal Child Protection Implementation Plan for South Dublin

October, 2020


CDI is funded under the Government’s Area Based Childhood Programme (ABC). It was initially established in 2007 through a partnership between the Department of Children and Youth Affairs (DCYA) and The Atlantic Philanthropies (AP), under the Prevention and Early Intervention Programme (PEIP), which was set up with “the objective of testing innovative ways of delivering services and early interventions for children and young people, including the wider family and community settings,” (DCYA, 2011). The ABC programme aims to improve outcomes for children, young people and their families in some of the most disadvantaged areas of the country. The programme has a particular emphasis on improving health, educational and social outcomes for children and young people, and on improving the effectiveness of existing services for them.

Based in Tallaght West, CDI emerged from the professionalism, passion and persistence of a consortium of 23 concerned individuals and organisations in the community, who had a vision of a better place for children. Through innovative partnerships, they brought together the science of evidence-based practice and rigorous evaluation, with the spirit of an approach focused on the identified needs of children and families.

CDI designs, delivers and evaluates a range of prevention and early intervention approaches across a spectrum of local needs including language, literacy, health, early years, conflict management and community safety. All CDI programmes are evidence-informed and manualised, and are delivered through existing structures and services.


CDI is currently collaborating with Tusla on an Ante Natal Child Protection (ANCP) project which aims to identify and implement an inter-agency attachment focussed approach within child protection case conferences and other critical meetings with parents and their network regarding significant risk of harm to their unborn baby or infant. This approach seeks to promote co-ordinated inter-agency activities focussed on the parent child attachment and safety, to achieve better outcomes for the baby.

CDI and Tusla wish to undertake a pilot involving Tusla and key partners working with parents of unborn or infant babies at risk of harm, with three key aims:

  1. To promote attention to and utilisation of attachment activities that strengthen parents’ attunement to their baby’s needs;
  2. To promote attention to the parents’ successes in these attachment activities, building confidence and resources, even in the midst of complicating factors;
  3. To give a universal language, understanding and plan to the professionals working together to increase safety for the baby.

An ANCP advisory group has been established which includes representation and input from the following:-

  • Tusla PPFS;
  • Tusla Child Protection & Welfare service including Child Protection Case Conference chair;
  • CDI;
  • PHN’s;
  • The Coombe Women’s Hospital;
  • HSE Primary Care Psychology.

The Advisory Group has also sought insights and expertise from services for pregnant women regarding addiction, domestic violence, mental health, and learning difficulties is sought, to deepen knowledge on how these complicating factors can impact on the parent during pregnancy and infancy.

To date the Advisory Group has produced a number of outputs including a review of the scale of the child protection cases in South Dublin, data on the key parental issues leading to child protection concerns, a literature review on professional and parental experiences of ante natal child protection, a review of models of national and international models of practice in child protection and a survey of health and social care training and competencies in infant mental health and attachment.

The Task:

The successful tenderer will:

  • Review existing ANCP documentation and outputs noted above, to fully understand the project and work to date;
  • Meet with relevant CDI staff and other key stakeholders as required to ascertain their views and perspectives;
  • Develop a draft plan of activities, in consultation with a sub group of the ANCP Advisory Group;
  • Provide a final, comprehensive strategy and implementation plan, including timelines, costs, activities, indicators and outcomes.


We anticipate that this work will commence in November 2020, and be completed by February 2021.


The successful bidder will have:

  • A proven track record in consultation, research, intervention design and implementation at both a community and organisational level;
  • Excellent research and writing skills including an ability to write clearly and succinctly;
  • Knowledge and experience of community services, structures and interventions, particularly those focused on the needs of vulnerable parents and infants.

Evidence of having undertaken similar work, and knowledge of this sector will be particularly desirable.

Applicants must be available to complete the task within the proposed timeframe.

Application Process:

Tender responses should include

  • Applicant details and CV;
  • Experience of the tendering company/applicant, including examples of previous work;
  • Overview of the proposed project approach and methodology;
  • A timeline from project commencement to completion;
  • Detailed costings including a daily rate;
  • Two referees, including telephone number;
  • Successful bidders must hold a current tax clearance certificate.

In addition, the following intellectual property clause will stand:
Any Intellectual Property (IP) developed, acquired, made or discovered by you during the Term of the Agreement, which arises in the provision of the Services in connection with or in any way affecting or relating to the business of CDI shall belong to and be the absolute property of CDI (the ‘CDI IP’). You hereby assign to CDI the CDI IP for their full term throughout the world. CDI hereby grant a royalty free, non-transferable, non-exclusive licence to you to utilise the CDI IP subject to the necessary protections which may arise under relevant legislation, including Data Protection Legislation. In addition, the parties hereby agree to grant upon request a royalty free, non-transferable, non-exclusive licence to The Department of Children and Youth Affairs and its agents to utilise the CDI IP subject to the necessary protections which may arise under relevant legislation, including Data Protection Legislation.’


The budget for this piece of work is in the region of €8,000.

Scoring Criteria:

Applications will be scored on the basis of the following:-

  • Proven track record in excellent writing and research skills – 30%;
  • Quality of proposal, methodology and approach – 30%
  • Knowledge of the sector – 20%
  • Cost – 20%

Contact Details:

For further details regarding this tender, please contact Celine Moran on

Completed applications by 4pm Friday 30/10/2020 to:

Philip Zambra,
Ph: 01 4940030
St Mark's Family and Youth Centre
Cookstown Lane
Dublin 24

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