Roscommon Public Participation Network: Request for Professional Services


Public Participation Networks have been established in all local authority areas following the enactment of the Local Government Reform Act 2014. Their main role is to facilitate participation and representation of communities in a fair, equitable and transparent manner, through the environmental, social inclusion and community and voluntary sectors, on local authority decision making bodies including Local Community Development Committees and Strategic Policy Committees.


The PPN Secretariat is elected by PPN members to be representative of different geographical areas within a local authority area and the three (colleges) sectors – environmental, social inclusion and community and voluntary. The Secretariat essentially facilitates the implementation of the decisions of the Plenary, which is the overall decision-making body of the PPN. The Secretariat ensures the proper functioning of the PPN in between Plenaries and coordinates the various activities of the PPN and responsibility for the development of PPNs.

Having the assistance of an experience and skilled adviser will help focus the energy and thoughts of the various members on the task at hand. The individual concerned would, while having a good knowledge and understanding of PPNs, remain "neutral", and not take a particular position in the deliberations other than to guide and assist the Secretariat and the membership of the RPPN.

The Secretariat proposes to engage an experience and skilled adviser for the PPN Secretariat for a period of Three (3) months from October 2020 with the option to extend this contract for a further period or periods as the Secretariat may decide subject to the availability of funding.

It is envisaged that the Secretariat will meet at least Monthly or more frequently as circumstances demand with meetings taking place face to face and using on on-line forums.

There will be at lease ten (10) meetings of the Secretariat with each meeting having a duration of two (2) to two (2) and a half hours. There will be two (2) Plenary meetings (similar to an AGM one being the AGM), these meetings could have a duration of three (3) to four (4) hours.

In addition the individual appointed will have to make themselves available between meetings as a point of contact for the Facilitator/Assistant Facilitator of the Secretariat and where necessary through the Facilitator to the Staff of the PPN who would wish to seek advice /guidance regarding particular matters raised by the wider PPN Membership or in relation to governance matters.

Meetings take place in Roscommon Town ; however, these meetings are sometimes moved to other venues within County Roscommon.

The successful tenderer will be liable to Professional Services Withholding Tax.

Expressions of Interest should set out their Rate of Remuneration and Personal Revenue detail: PRSI NO. and TCAN.

Further enquiries can be made to Marie Paul Egan.
Phone: 086 068 1491
All Tenders should be forwarded to her.

The closing date is Friday 23rd October 2020.


  • AN excellent understanding of PPNs, their structures, & their work,
  • Experience of Public Participation Networks in Developing Constitutions/Codes of Conduct/Meeting Management/Financial Management/ Roles and Responsibilities of all PPN Structures.
  • An understanding of demarcations – Local Authority, Department and PPN.
  • An understanding of the wealth of knowledge and experience at meetings.
  • An appreciation and understanding of the volunteering nature of the roles of everyone involved.
  • An appreciation of possible power struggles – old ways and new ways,
  • An appreciation of the equitable representation across the three Colleges including the number of representatives from each College to make for a workable and representative Secretariat.
  • Extensive experience of the Community and Voluntary Sector and of its inclusive approach.
  • Extensive experience in Education and Training of Community groups in the areas of Governance/ Roles and Responsibilities /Organisation Development/Meeting Management/Financial Management

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Date Entered/Updated
8th Oct, 2020
Roscommon / Remotely
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23rd Oct, 2020