Clúid Housing: Call for Proposals - Resident Engagement Strategic Plan

Call for Proposals: October 2020

Date: 2/10/2020
Project: Resident Engagement Strategic
Clúid Contact:
Deadline for Submissions:
Monday 26th October @ 12:00pm
Deadline for Questions: Friday 16th October @ 5:00pm


Clúid Housing own and manage over 7,500 social homes throughout Ireland, with over 18,000 people living in Clúid homes including our sister organisation Clann. Clúid Housing’s Corporate Plan “Building Focus” for 2019/22 identifies key strategic objectives which guide the organisation in its decisions and priorities. An action under this plan is to create a 3-year Resident Engagement Strategy. This strategy will show our commitment to resident engagement at national and community level and its role as an essential service in achieving our vision and delivering on our mission of providing quality homes and services to enable people to create homes and thriving communities.

Clúid Housing has a long-established commitment to engaging with its residents and recognises its responsibility to involve residents in the issues that affect them within the organisation and their communities. Therefore, the scope of this strategy includes access to local, regional and national structure opportunities.

The 3 key areas to be considered in the Resident Engagement Strategy are:

Resident insight - Seeking residents’ views on service delivery and responding to these views is critically important. Residents’ input can be gathered in many different ways.

Community development - This involves assisting groups of residents to resolve a problem that affects some or all of them.

Community and Social Investment - We recognise that Clúid residents may experience social disadvantage and isolation. We will therefore invest in communities and individuals to help to overcome disadvantage.

Purpose and output

The purpose of this plan is to work with Clúid Housing to develop a strategic framework and action plan for resident engagement; to build on and increase our capacity for effective resident engagement.

Suggested Approach

The work should include, but does not need to be limited to:

  • A review of existing structures and activities in Clúid;
  • Involvement with residents, Board, and staff in developing the strategy;
  • A review of similar resident engagement approaches by Housing Association’s and best practice with regard to resident engagement structures;
  • Alignment with existing Clúid strategies e.g. digital and greening strategies;
  • To ensure that the strategy is well placed to respond to national and local issues that affect individuals and communities (e.g. globalisation, black lives matter etc) and is framed in best practice thinking from global and national community development frameworks.


The successful applicant should demonstrate experience in the following:

  • Compiled similar strategies;
  • Wide engagement with stakeholders in delivering work outcomes;
  • Working with diverse communities and marginalised groups who are often excluded;
  • Have experience of the community and voluntary sector;
  • Knowledge of social and affordable housing.


In no more than 2 sides of A4 please provide a submission detailing the following:

  • Background to company and individuals to lead the project including education and relevant previous experience;
  • Proposed methodology;
  • Timescale;
  • Fee proposal including associated expenses.

Also provide an example of a recent, relevant piece of work.

Deadline for submissions: Monday 26th October @ 12:00pm

General Information regarding this request:

Right to Reject
Clúid reserves the right reject any and all quotes in part or whole.

Right to Cancellation
Clúid reserves the right to modify or cancel part of the requirements or the entire RFQ at any time. In addition, the RFQ does not imply any commitment to purchase any products or services from any Supplier.

Right to Changes
Clúid may, during the RFQ period, advise the Suppliers in writing of additions, omissions, or changes to the specifications or scope of work. All such changes shall be included in the proposal and shall become part of the original specifications as if originally submitted. Changes and omissions in the proposal of any provision herein shall not be construed as to relieve the Supplier of any responsibility or obligation requisite to the complete and satisfactory delivery, operation, and support of any and all equipment or services.

Proposal Withdrawal
Upon written notification to Clúid, any respondent may withdraw its proposal at any time prior to the scheduled closing deadline for the receipt of proposals

Supplier Incurred Expenses
Clúid shall assume no responsibility for any expenses incurred by the Supplier in preparing and submitting either a proposal, nor shall Clúid have any obligation or liability for expenses incurred as a result of cancellation of the RFQ or rejection of any or all Suppliers’ proposals.

Site Survey
A site survey, if necessary and practical, shall be organized. When called upon, attendance at the site survey shall be mandatory.

Communications from Clúid during the process
To receive any updates which may be issued by Clúid, an expression of interest must be emailed as early as possible to the Clúid contact noted on page 1 of this RFQ.

Interpretation and Additional Information
If needed, interpretations, corrections, or changes to the RFQ shall be made by Cluid through an addendum. Interpretations, corrections, or changes to the RFQ made in any other manner will not be binding, and the Suppliers shall not reply upon such interpretations, corrections, or changes. Any such Addenda will be emailed known bidders. It is the responsibility of the Supplier to determine whether all addenda have been received. It will be the responsibility of all respondents to contact Clúid prior to submitting a response to the RFQ to ascertain if any addenda have been issued, and to obtain any and all addenda, execute the proper documentation, and return such addenda with the response to the RFQ.

Proposal Modification
The Supplier may provide written requests for modifications or corrections of previously submitted proposals, addressed in the same manner as the original proposal, if received by Clúid prior to the scheduled closing deadline for receipt of all proposals. No oral or telephone modifications or corrections will be accepted. Modifications or corrections submitted after the closing deadline will be rejected.

Questions Regarding RFP
Questions regarding this RFP must be emailed to the Clúid contact person listed on page 1 and prior to the deadline noted on page 1 of this RFQ. Responses to all questions received in the allowable time frames will be made in writing and distributed to all Suppliers.

Any preferred quote(s) will be initially be invited to confirm they meet Clúid’s’ minimum supplier requirements with regard to the goods / service in question. Any award will be contracted via Clúid or industry standard agreements.

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