SECAD Partnership: Request for Tenders – Development of SECAD Online Learning Management System Phase 2


SECAD Partnership CLG is inviting tenders from suitably experienced and qualified consultants to progress development of our newly established Online Training Platform (Learning Management System) for the purposes of this Request for Tenders onto the next Phase.

In April 2020, SECAD began a process of moving our training programmes to an online learning platform. This was primarily due to the COVID-19 crisis. SECAD offers a number of different training programmes which, until now, were delivered as traditional instructor-led classroom workshops.  These range from employment supports, CV creation and design, interview techniques, career planning, skills mapping, enterprise start up supports, business sustainability, personal development & goal-setting, biodiversity planning, community planning and access to financial supports, among many more.   Furthermore, all SECAD one to one employment and enterprise supports have been taking place in a remote setting either through telephone or through Zoom platform since the Covid-19 lockdown in mid-March.

During Phase 1 of the development process, our new LMS was created to sit alongside our existing website, with seamless access to the LMS accompanied by a short promotional video which provides an insight into the training units available.

Phase 2 requirements

SECAD now needs to move to the next phase of this project, requiring the services of an E-learning Specialist, expert in the field of online training and learning management systems.  Having reviewed our LMS, please outline in detail how you suggest through a step by step methodology, you would enable this to happen.

The successful candidate will be required to;

  1. work with a number of designated teams within SECAD to develop additional content
  2. work with SECAD’s web-designer who will be responsible for related technical support
  3. optimise functionality and learner use of the learning management system
  4. develop and deliver a promotional and marketing plan for attracting and maximising learner cohorts
  5. develop the capacity of a SECAD appointed staff member(s) who will continue to have responsibility for the management of the content after this contract is complete

Contract scale, timescale and Payment Schedule

SECAD envisages requiring the support of the E-Learning Specialist for a period of between 50 and 60 days from September 2020 to December 2021, during which time all of the tasks that you outline in your ‘methodology’ must be complete.  If further time is required to complete the agreed programme of work based on this ‘methodology’, costs associated with such an over-run will be borne by the successful tenderer. Costs should be outlined as a ‘Per Day Rate’.  This amount will be inclusive of all costs including development of plans, travel, administration, insurance, VAT etc.  This amount will be inclusive of all costs related to work tasks detailed in Section2, including travel, administration, insurance, VAT etc.

Deadline for Receipt of Tenders

One emailed copy should be submitted by 17.00 on 24th August 2020 to   

Please reference in email subject line: Submission of Tenders for SECAD LMS phase 2

General Info

Date Entered/Updated
23rd Jul, 2020
Expiry Date
24th Aug, 2020