Lámh: Invitation to Tender for Creation of an Online Lámh Module One Course

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Invitation to Tender for Creation of an Online Lámh Module One Course

1. Background

Lámh (Communication Augmentation Signs System Ltd) t/a Lámh is the manual sign system used by children and adults with intellectual disability and communication needs in Ireland www.lamh.org . Some children and adults use the Lámh manual sign system along with speech or other ways of communicating and some people use Lámh as their main way of communicating.

Families and professionals who are supporting Lámh users can attend Lámh Courses delivered by trained Lámh Tutors. Over 3000 participants complete Lámh Module One training each year. These courses are normally face to face. With the current Covid- 19 related social distancing restrictions, it has been identified that an online version of Lámh Module One training is required as an alternative to face to face training.

2. Project Brief

Lámh invites responses from suitably qualified tenderers for the provision of an online version of Lámh Module One Training. The production of this online course will be a pilot project in collaboration with the Lámh Development Office.

Lámh Module One is a sought after training course with well established learning objectives and content. The main aim of developing Module One online is to provide the content and learning experience of the face to face course on an online, remotely accessible platform. The online version of Lámh Module One will be used by Lámh Tutors and individuals who wish to complete the course online and receive certification.

3. Summary of Key Deliverables

Part 1: Creation of an online Lámh Module One course ready to use.
Part 2: Development or identification of technology to host and facilitate online courses.

4. Timeframe

Commencement of the project is scheduled for early August 2020 and completion of the final, ready to use product is required for early October 2020.
Tender applications should be submitted to lamhofficer@gmail.com by Friday 31st of July 2020.

Lámh requests that tender applications contain the following:

  • Brief CV
  • Details of the background, expertise and previous projects undertaken in this field with reference to the key deliverables and evaluation and qualification criteria in the Terms of Reference document (attached).
  • A written proposal that details the approach, including proposed methodology and timeframe for the project;
  • Full breakdown of the proposed fee in Euro (€); indicating VAT and inclusive of expenses, costs, taxes or duties that may be incurred;
    • If there are ongoing costs that may arise over the duration of the operation e.g. security, hosting, etc.- be clear about these costs
  • The details of two relevant referees.

Please note that respondents may be requested to attend a meeting (virtually) with a panel of assessors.

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