Barnardos: Invitation to Tender - Research Study in Finglas North A

The Healthy Ireland Fund, supported by the Department of Health, the Department of Children and Youth Affairs, and the Department of Rural and Community Development.

Invitation to Tender:
“A trauma informed Community Building, Engagement and Wellbeing Approach” Research Study in Finglas North A


Barnardos, in collaboration with Dublin City North Children and Young People’s Services Committee (CYPSC) and the Healthy Ireland Fund invites tenders from organisations/individuals to undertake a desk based research study in Finglas West (North A) to respond to the identified need for the development of a Trauma Informed Community Building, Engagement and Wellbeing Model, specific to the Finglas North A community development context. Candidates should have an interest in the social and emotional wellbeing of children, from a community trauma and development perspective.

Finglas North A

Finglas North A is an Electoral Division of Dublin City North CH09 Area. In 2016, Finglas North A had a population of 3,319 people and a deprivation score well above the national average, a lone parent population that is twice the national average (53% vs 25%); a higher level of primary school education only, lower level of third level qualification and high levels of unemployment

Background and Context

In 2017, Dublin City North Children and Young People’s Services Committee (CYPSC) in partnership with local statutory and community services undertook research on Child Emotional Health and Wellbeing in Finglas North A (Kinlen & MacDonald 2017). A local CYPSC Steering Group for Child Emotional Health and Wellbeing in Finglas North A had oversight of implementing the actions recommended in this report.

The report aimed to profile and scope the emotional health and wellbeing needs of children aged 6-12 years living in Finglas North A. From this research, an actions framework of support and service provision for young children was developed. The report outlined how children and families of Finglas North A would benefit from more area-specific supports and further interagency working targeted towards children 6-12 years and their families to enhance emotional health and wellbeing. The report noted the need for a Family Resource Centre, based in Finglas North A, to respond to the action framework regarding the emotional health of children and families living in Finglas North A and to foster and support community and wellbeing. The Finglas West Family Resource Centre (FWFRC) was established in 2018. It is a community based support programme led by a Steering Group, with Barnardos in place as the Lead Agency. The Steering group consists of community members, and local community stakeholders who plan and support services that are implemented by Barnardos staff, to meet the identified needs of the Finglas West community. Community members are involved in ongoing consultation to inform service plans for the FWFRC. In the early phases of the FWFRC’s development, the need for a trauma informed response to the emotional wellbeing of parents and children residing in the Finglas West Area was identified, via the community consultation process.

In 2019, Dublin City North Children and Young People’s Services Committee (CYPSC) in partnership with Finglas West Family Resource Centre undertook research to explore safe play opportunities and needs for children in Finglas West. The research outlined a profile of existing and potential physical activity and play spaces in Finglas North A. It highlighted gaps and challenges in provision for play in the area, as were named by children, their parents, and local services including exposure to a range of traumatic experiences such as community violence, anti-social behaviour; misuse of vehicles and drug activity. (Mac Donald and Louise Kinlen 2019).

Trauma Informed Community building and engagement models implemented internationally provide a framework for preventing and addressing community trauma. Most aim to work from within the community to outline and develop a plan for addressing the symptoms of community trauma to foster a resilient, thriving community.

Barnardos, in collaboration with Dublin City North CYPSC and the Healthy Ireland Fund, wish to invite tenders to conduct desk based research to comparatively analyse and critique evidence informed best practice of trauma informed community building and engagement models. The purpose is to identify potentially suitable models for implementation within the context of the Finglas North A community.

Aim of Research:

To conduct a comparative analysis of current international research and best practice in relation to Evidence Informed Trauma-Informed Community Building and Engagement models. Barnardos and CYPSC are particularly interested in models that have been successful in similar contexts within communities experiencing ongoing and historical trauma.

Objectives of Research:

  • To conduct a literature review (using systematic techniques) to identify current models and approaches that exist internationally in relation to taking Trauma-Informed Community Building and Engagement approach when working with local communities that have experienced and continue to experience elements of trauma.
  • To provide a clear overview of such models that have been developed and implemented to date.
  • To systematically compare and critically appraise the various models, highlighting the programme processes and mechanisms that have led to implementation successes and challenges. To identify and highlight an approach (or elements of multiple approaches) that demonstrate factors of most suitability for implementation in Finglas North A.
  • To consult with relevant authors of existing models, where necessary and feasible, to explore further the successes and challenges encountered for the different models.
  • To engage key stakeholders to elicit feedback on the outputs of the evidence review, exploring the perceived acceptability and feasibility of implementing the identified approaches within the Finglas Community.
  • To develop a concrete set of recommendations regarding the model, approach or elements of most suitability for implementation in Finglas North A.
  • To produce a research report including introduction, background policy context and literature review, methodology, findings (including outputs from comparative analysis) and recommendations for next steps in relation implementation in Finglas North A.

This initiative is being led by Barnardos in conjunction with DNC CYPSC.


This project should be completed, no later than October 15th 2020.

Value of Tender:

The maximum value for this tender is €5,000, including VAT.

Requirements for Submission:

Please submit your application, by 5pm on July 15th 2020 and include:

  • An overview of your research organisation/consultancy.
  • Outline of the methodology and approach to the research, including consultation/engagement with stakeholders.
  • Outline of relevant experience, in particular of community research, with a focus on children and families
  • Profile of research personnel to be involved in the project.
  • Garda vetting processes and procedures for personnel.
  • Timeline for completion.
  • A breakdown of total costing, exclusive and inclusive of VAT.
  • Tax clearance certificate.
  • Contact details of two recent professional referees who can be contacted.
  • Evidence of two pieces of written material, if possible a desk based review of the evidence

Criteria and Assessment:

Each tender application will be assessed on the following:

  • Demonstrated knowledge and understanding of tender brief.
  • Proven research experience.
  • The quality of the methodology design and approach to the research.
  • Value for money.
  • Competence to complete the work in agreed timeframe.


Tenders should be submitted to Rhian McEvoy, Project Administrator, Finglas West Family Resource Centre via email at

Late submissions will not be accepted. Barnardos may contact referees throughout the assessment process; and applicants may be contacted for further discussion or clarification on their submission.

Informal Enquiries to:

Beverley McMackin, Project Leader, Finglas Family Resource Centre, Barnardos on 0861853957 or via email

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