Association of Chief Executives of State Agencies: Membership Survey Tender

ACESA Membership Survey Tender

The Association of Chief Executives of State Agencies in Ireland (ACESA) provides a forum for chief executives of state agencies to discuss issues of mutual concern and enables them to develop and express a collective voice on issues that affect the sector.

The Vision Statement of ACESA is:

To support members through knowledge sharing, reflective practice, collaboration and networking

  • ACESA currently hosts monthly breakfast briefings, at which high profile speakers share their experiences with ACESA members.
  • ACESA also hosts a website, with a public platform, and a private section for members –
  • The Association currently has 93 members, 10 of whom serve on the Board.

ACESA members recently endorsed a new Vision Statement & Strategic Priorities.

Further information about ACESA can be viewed on the ACESA website:

Annual Membership Survey

Since 2010, ACESA has conducted an Annual Survey of membership which is included annually in the organisation’s Annual Report. The survey gathers information on a range of topics including:

Public Sector Reform; funding sources; number of employees; expenditure and budges; relationships with parent departments; profiles of CEOs.

ACESA is seeking the services of a consultant to carry out the following:

  • Review the information gathered in membership surveys since 2010, provide a summary, and provide recommendations for how this information should be used.
  • Design a new survey for ACESA members to be launched in November 2020. The survey should carefully consider the organisation’s new Vision Statement & Strategic Priorities. The survey should be designed with a view to serving the organisation's needs for approximately five years.
  • Consideration should be given to conducting a number of (e.g. quarterly) surveys throughout the year which would take a 'snapshot' of member organisations.
  • Consult with the Board and membership through a mixture of workshop(s), one to one meetings and questionnaires to seek the views of members to guide the design and roll-out of the new survey(s).

Please respond to this request for a proposal, in the following format:

  • An outline of how you would approach the project in line with the steps above.
  • Clarity of the methodology which is proposed, including details of proposed
  • platforms used, and how the information would be presented and disseminated. (use of info graphics, any digital tools etc).
  • Two brief examples of similar projects you have undertaken for similar clients.
  • A summary of the proposed team for the project.
  • Any extra suggested steps you would like to propose.
  • An estimated cost for your services. (please separate the core asks from any suggested additional work).

Please note that ACESA can provide meeting room facilities, issue questionnaires and organise invitations to events etc.

Note: ACESA operates a 'KeySurvey' license. Use of this platform should be considered in proposals.

To register your interest and receive further documentation, including copies of previous surveys, please email before 5pm, Wednesday 27 May.

Final proposals should be submitted no later than 12pm, Wednesday, 10 June by email to Dermot Ryan. Email:

To discuss further, please email Dermot Ryan or call him at: 087 335 6158.

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19th May, 2020
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10th Jun, 2020