South Inner City Drug and Alcohol Task Force: Tender - Gap Analysis & Needs Assessment Report

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The SICDATF is seeking proposals from individuals, or companies to produce a gap analysis and needs assessment report of the SICDATF area.

About the SICDATF

Since 1998 the South Inner City Drug and Alcohol Task Force (SICDATF) has worked to reduce drug-related harms to individuals, families, and communities by working in partnership with key stakeholders in the community, voluntary and statutory sectors on the coordination and delivery of services. The current terms of reference of Drug and Alcohol Task Forces require them to coordinate the implementation of the National Drugs Strategy - Reducing Harm, Supporting Recovery 2017-2025 in the context of the needs of the local/regional area, implement the actions in the Strategy where Task Forces have been assigned a role and promote the implementation of evidence-based local/regional drug and alcohol strategies and to exchange best practice. In addition, in the context of promoting an integrated public health approach to substance misuse, they will furnish an annual report to the designated Minister with responsibility for the National Drugs Strategy.

The project will include an analysis of needs in the south inner city and an assessment of the SICDATF Task Force vote-funded projects. The project will determine if there are gaps in the project /service activities. The final report will document the extent of the work being executed under the SICDATF global budget and Strategic Plan indicating the specific needs, challenges, and opportunities in the SIC - these will help the SICDATF to develop effective actions /interventions or solutions.

Please forward an application before 12 pm on June 18th 2024.

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