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Request for Tender


Shine is a charitable organisation in Ireland which is dedicated to campaigning for the rights and empowerment of people affected by mental ill-health. The organisation provides a range of services to support both individuals with lived experience of mental health challenges, as well as their families and supporters.

A more comprehensive overview of the organisational and programme structure is available at Appendix 1 in the tender document attached below.

Strategic Context

Shine recently launched its 2023-2025 Strategic plan, which includes a strong focus on the creation of a cohesive national brand and identity.

A key driver of this focus on brand identity is our strategic objective to increase visibility and understanding of our services and offerings amongst our key stakeholders.

These stakeholders include people who use or need our services, partners in the mental health sector, the general public, Funders, Government stakeholders and the media.

Activities to support this objective include an organisational re-branding, which is currently underway, and which will result in a consolidation of the three brands which currently make up Shine (,,

Objectives of Tender

The over-arching goal of this RFT is to engage a web design and development partner to assist the strengthening of Shine’s online presence and positioning within the sector as the national organisation supporting and educating individuals, family members and communities impacted by mental illness and stigma.

Our intended approach to achieving this objective includes working with our selected web design and development partner to consolidate, update and develop the three websites of our current programmes (,, into a single cohesive site, and to then continue supporting, developing and maintaining the site on an ongoing basis.

Shine fully appreciates the importance of the visitor journey in driving engagement on our site, and as such, we require our selected partner to draw upon their experience of comparable websites and projects, and to work in partnership with Shine to ensure that our website operates to a very high standard of user experience.

We expect the successful service provider to take a strategic approach to creatively developing Shine’s site to support our organisational strategy and brand development.

We further expect that the successful provider will challenge our assumptions, bring new ideas and recommend innovative approaches in order to make our website more effective in reaching and engaging with our stakeholders.

We likewise expect our partners to pro-actively collaborate with both our internal stakeholders and our external service providers in representing Shine’s best interests, ensuring compliance with our commitments under the relevant regulations, codes of practise and other policy requirements.

The new website should make all efforts to model our key strategic and communications objectives, which include:

  • Delivery of clear, consistent brand messaging
  • Be audience-driven and accurately shape and develop enhanced user experiences and journeys.

Also, our new website should:

  • Demonstrate excellent design standards according to best industry practice in terms of usability, accessibility, navigation, content and security.
  • Include an effective CMS which is agile and efficient to manage, and which includes legacy training materials beyond the initial training provided.
  • Be accessible to all, and adhere to the standards as set out at
  • Allow for integrations into CRM, payment platforms and intranet systems
  • Have hosting managed by the successful tenderer

Please see Tender Document attached below.

Contract Duration

The duration of the contract for the service element of this contract is for 2 years commencing on 1st November 2023 Shine reserves the right to extend the contract for a period or periods of up to 12 months with a maximum of two (2) such extensions on the same terms and conditions, subject to the performance of the selected service provider and the availability of funding.

Return Date: No later than 12:00 Noon on Wednesday 21st June 2023


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