South Inner City Drugs & Alcohol Task Force: Audit & Governance Support Plan


Audit and Governance Support Plan

Starting date: 1-2 weeks after the work has been awarded

Reporting to: The SICDATF Management Liaison Group

Scope of work:

  • To work with the SICDATF to review the following:
  • To carry out financial governance and audit health check using an audit tool that  meets the HSE requirements          
  • To determine that the Task Force can comply with the National Financial Regulations.


  1. To work with the SICDATF on standard finance and governance policies.
  2. To determine that the Task Force has the requisite policies and procedures in place to meet the HSE Audit standards through a checklist process.
  3. To provide the templates, policies and procedures for the TF where they are absent.
  4. To advise on SOPs and finical control systems to improve accuracy and efficiencies.
  5. To assist with the set-up of generating the controls and source relevant packages and training.

Candidates must have at the latest date of application: -

(a) previous experience in organisational consultancy OR

(b) Advanced Diploma in Internal Auditing. A primary degree or postgraduate degree in Risk Management, Governance, Accounting and Business.

Candidates must have at the latest date of application: -

A record of achievement in Governance and Audit which has included all of the following:

  • Knowledge of the HSE audit process, funding procedures and governance requirements
  • Knowledge   of the financial and internal control systems required for funding to be provided to Section 39 organisations
  • Knowledge and experience in the effectiveness of the governance, risk management and internal control system
  • Knowledge of the Charities Regulator’s Authority  requirements
  • Knowledge of governance and its value to the strategic development of services

Please submit a CV, letter of interest, a brief to demonstrate an understanding of the work, samples, and a link to previous work: To:  

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