Tabor Group Addiction and Housing Services: Addiction Counsellor (3 month Contract)

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Tabor Group Addiction and Housing Services

Tabor Group Addiction and Housing Services CLG:

Applications Invitation for the post of: Addiction Counsellor (3 month Contract)

Tabor Group is a leading provider of residential addiction treatment services in Ireland. We provide support and care to hundreds of clients each year suffering from addictions to alcohol, substances, gambling and food. Tabor Group offers hope, healing and recovery to addicted people and their families through integrated and caring services.

In addition to our residential facilities, we provide a continuing care programme to people who have completed treatment to assist with their recovery, and offer counselling to families whose loved ones are struggling with an addiction.

Values: Dignity & respect; Compassion; Honesty, Consistency & Responsibility; Safety & Security; Committed to Quality.


  • Tabor Lodge -Primary Addiction Treatment Residential Centre
  • Tabor Fellowship House- Primary and Secondary Treatment Centre
  • Step down accommodation
  • Continuing Care for people in recovery
  • Family Services


The purpose of the post is to provide, as part of a team, treatment services to addicted people through the residential programme as well as the family and continuing care programmes operated at the Centre.


The following sets out the Principal Duties and Responsibilities for the post, however, the Addiction Counsellor is expected to be flexible in the role and to deal with and liaise with their manager as appropriate on all issues they deal with regarding the Centre.

Management of Care

  • As a member of the Treatment Team, to fully participate in the co-ordination of all activities so as to ensure the best holistic patient care
  • To fully participate as a member of the Treatment Team in the care and rehabilitation of individuals. In particular, to deliver key aspects of the treatment programme such as assessment, admission, case management, treatment planning, group and individual therapy, family therapy and programmes, treatment plan review, continuing care planning and onward referral.
  • To ensure documentation and all aspects of client treatment plans are accurately completed and up to date
  • To fully participate in all review and audit programmes undertaken by management to ensure ongoing evaluation of the appropriateness and effectiveness of the treatment and services delivered at the Centre
  • To supervise and evaluate the practice of students or other staff, as assigned to you by management
  • To comply with all regulatory and legal requirements relevant to rehabilitation
  • To comply with the implementation of objectives and standards which guide the staff of the Company in the delivery of innovative and high quality treatment, care and rehabilitation of individuals.

Quality and Risk Management

  • To implement and comply with the Risk Management Policies and Procedures in place in the Company.
  • To implement and comply with Quality Assurance and Accreditation procedures in place in the Company.
  • To implement and comply with procedures for Risk Management in the Centre and to ensure that risks and incidents are documented and reported appropriately so that management are alerted to any risks detected
  • To participate in appropriate training as arranged by management to address any Health and Safety issues or risks.
  • To contribute directly to the development and implementation of change within the Company.
  • To ensure self-awareness of, and compliance with, requirements as an employee under Health and Safety legislation.

Information Management and Administration

  • To comply with the administrative and financial procedures in the Company
  • To maintain all records within the context of confidentiality and in keeping with relevant legislation e.g. Data Protection and Freedom of Information Acts.
  • To comply with and input into the collection of information to implement and monitor agreed performance targets for the services provided by the Company
  • To actively participate in regular team meetings and to contribute to innovate and positive development of the Company

Statutory and Legislative Requirements

  • To comply with any changes introduced in the Company in order to keep up to date with all regulatory and legislative requirements, particularly in the areas of Health & Safety and Employment Legislation



  • Level 8 in addiction studies, counselling or relevant fields.
  • Accredited, or eligible for accreditation with a recognised body as a qualified Counsellor
  • Specialist training in the area of Addiction is required


  • 2 years’ experience working in addiction treatment facilities or equivalent services.

Skills & Competencies

  • Skills in group and individual therapy are essential
  • Excellent interpersonal and group communication skills are required
  • Skills to make effective presentations to a wide variety of audiences such as patient groups, other professionals, employers and educational groups are required
  • The skill to communicate concisely and accurately in writing is essential
  • Excellent telephone skills and manner are required for dealing with any client or other queries in relation to the operation of the Centre
  • Time management skills both on a personal and work level are required to ensure appropriate caseload management and prioritisation
  • The ability to work constructively and actively as part of a flexible team to respond appropriately to the needs presented by patients and clients is required
  • The highest levels of professional competency are required to ensure the best and most up to date quality of care is delivered to patients and clients.

Please send applications to Tabor Group CEO Dr. Niall O’Keeffe

Closing Date: Friday 30th July at 5pm

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