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Dublin Simon Community

About us:

At Simon, we listen to people who turn to us for help and do everything we can to support them to move out of homelessness into independent living. We strive to empower people to access, secure and retain a home of their own by reducing the reliance on short-term emergency accommodation and providing permanent supported housing for people to sustain a home in their local community. Moving people into supported housing produces life-enhancing and life-saving results and is more cost-effective in the long run.

Dublin Simon Community is focused on providing supportive services at all stages of homelessness and we are focused on providing supportive alternatives to people living in despair, enabling them to rebuild their lives and empower them to secure a safe home of their own.

About the job:

To provide nursing leadership in proactively managing and coordinating clinical practice and the provision of human, financial and material resources in accordance with organisational values and goals, ensuring a cost effective nursing service focused on providing exceptional, evidence-based patient care in the following areas: residential Alcohol and benzo detox, Blood Borne Virus, Step Up Step Down Intermediate care, rapid access drug Stabilisation, and Primary Nursing care services within the Clinical Governance and Therapeutic Services function.

The successful candidate will be responsible for ensuring the delivery of service operations, staff management, relationship management, change management, and systems and processes operating to quality clinical standards with a view to creating positive outcomes for those experiencing homelessness.

The performance will be reviewed against; agreed objectives and scorecard delivery, the willingness/ability to respond to change, and leading through the values of the organisation.



  • Work as part of the Clinical Governance and Therapeutic Services Team and SMT to formulate organisational strategy, policies, annual scorecards and budgets ensuring the mission and strategic goals of the organisation are achieved.
  • Oversee the work of services within the scope outlined above, supporting line managers to manage the coordination of all activity.
  • Work closely with the management team to develop and maintain quality relationships with key stakeholders to facilitate seamless service delivery and development, and to help create a more aligned culture of development within the organisation.
  • Work to build capacity within the teams through the training and development of staff, in particular growing leadership and management skills, delivering excellent employee relationships and staff motivation.
  • Provide leadership to the line managers and teams ensuring they work cohesively with a shared vision by providing role and responsibility clarity and by establishing Key Performance Indicators for the purposes of efficiency and accountability.


  • Lead the development, organisation and operation of current, planned and new Detox, BBV, SUSD Intermediate Care, Primary nursing care.
  • Achieve agreed internal financial targets and deliver the annual scorecards and budgets in line with the funder requirements and service level agreements, along with legislation, regulation and agreed policy.
  • Proactively work with the Head of Clinical Governance and Therapeutic Services to source new funding streams, for the services within the scope.
  • Implement systems and structures to ensure comprehensive and accurate assessment of needs and required responses to deliver outcomes for clients.
  • Ensure health, safety and welfare risks in the workplace are minimised and bring any concerns to the attention of the Head of Clinical Governance and Therapeutic Services and update the function, clinical and local risk registers as per the organization Risk Framework.
  • Ensure that agreed action plans and scorecards with detailed targets and time lines are implemented and communicate these plans to relevant stakeholders.
  • Work to maintain a culture of transparency and excellence and ensure efficient and effective use of resources, adhering to accountability standards and systems that track effectiveness and impact.
  • Report to external and internal stakeholders on KPI’s and SLA’s for the services within the scope.
  • Follow up on any complaints in a timely manner according to policy.
  • Plan, oversee admission, nursing and client care processes.

People Management

  • Manage and lead line managers to effectively manage their teams and services ensuring leadership is provided to a high standard
  • In conjunction with the Senior Manager Human Resources advise on employee relations, communication strategies and career management programmes designed to maximise employee involvement and commitment.
  • Recruit, induct, train and performance manage staff to deliver individual and organisational effectiveness.
  • Lead and manage staff ensuring targets are reached and facilitating effective team dynamics to ensure teams are performing to their maximum potential.
  • Ensure service teams are supported and monitored in the delivery of collective and individual targets, following all protocols and procedures.
  • Assist with the hiring, training and monitoring of nurses and operational staff.

Relationship Management

  • Effectively manage key relationships both internally and externally in a way that enhances the quality, sustainability and reputation of Dublin Simon Community
  • Input to the Head of Clinical Governance &Therapeutic Services Board reports and communicate input from other members of the team and prepare regular reports and updates for the Head of Clinical Governance &Therapeutic and the Clinical Services Committee.
  • Participate fully in the Clinical Governance Steering group and deputise for the Head of Clinical Governance &Therapeutic Services when required.
  • Work effectively with other Senior Managers to ensure the coordination of service delivery across the organisation.
  • Protect and champion the vision, mission and values, internally and externally in all service activities.
  • Ensure all stakeholders are communicated with effectively in an appropriate and clear manner.


  • Keep abreast of relevant healthcare and nursing policy developments nationally and internationally which impact on the work of nurses at Dublin Simon Community and in particular in the area of nursing, clinical governance, addiction, homelessness & health.
  • Implement recommendations from evaluations and reviews of detox, BBV and SUSD (Intermediate Care).
  • Drive Quality Standards within services through quality systems and structures, ensuring continuous improvement, particularly in the areas of new initiatives, team development, systems implementation.
  • Benchmark against best practice standards, review and audit regularly, changing areas as required when new evidence becomes available.
  • Prepare for and take part in HIQA/NQSF inspections and audits.

Person Specification:


  • Bachelor’s degree in nursing, healthcare administration or a relevant field.
  • Registered with N.M.B.I.
  • Knowledge of addiction , recovery and harm reduction initiatives, mental health and wellbeing.
  • Thorough knowledge of HIQA standards and regulations in the healthcare sector.
  • Knowledge of healthcare software.
  • Knowledge of healthcare industry policies.
  • A minimum of 5 years experience in a nursing leadership role (minimum CNM2).
  • Leadership and motivation of others, People management and supervision
  • Excellent computer skills.
  • Experience of implementing evidence based practice and recommendations from evaluations, reviews and research.
  • Excellent critical thinking, problem solving and decision making.
  • Finance including management of budgets.
  • Outstanding organisation & planning skills
  • Outstanding written and verbal communication skills communication & interpersonal skills.


  • Post-grad course in management is desirable but not essential
  • Knowledge of services in the Homeless and addiction sector
  • Understanding of why people become homeless and the needs they have.
  • Planning and project management skills
  • Developing, implementing and evaluating action plans.
  • Driving change improvement initiatives, team development and/or systems implementation.

Demonstration of Competencies:

  • Strong personal integrity and an alignment with Dublin Simon Community’s mission and values.
  • A commitment to promoting choice, independence, health and well-being
  • Ability to deliver the highest quality service to internal and external clients consistent with Dublin Simon Community’s values, promoting choice and independence
  • Contribute to the protection of individuals and prevention and management of challenging behaviour and advocacy
  • S/he will be responsible for outcomes delivery
  • Demonstrate professional behaviour and opinions based on objective assessment
  • Commitment to providing the best professional practice
  • Ability to manage their time effectively and to attribute sufficient time to administration without adversely effecting time spent on other functions
  • Have the ability to take initiative and responsibility, adhere to organisational policies and procedures and able to problem solve, come up with solutions, think creatively and be innovative
  • Ability to transform the vision into meaningful objectives within an area of influence
  • Implement strategic changes effectively and efficiently, keeping the team on-board with minimum disruption
  • Understand how the team deals with change and put appropriate measures in place to facilitate change e.g. extra one to ones and training etc.
  • Display an assertive communication style (showing understanding and respect for others but being clear about his/her own message)
  • Effective listening skills
  • Proactively involve others and seek their input and suggestions at every appropriate opportunity
  • Successfully negotiate outcomes due to diligent preparation, assertiveness and ‘give and take’ where appropriate
  • Look for opportunities to take ownership of tasks and responsibilities
  • Ensure that objectives are clear from the outset before executing tasks
  • Think and plan ahead
  • Is highly organised in their approach to work uses diaries, lists or other techniques to manage time and plan schedules
  • Monitor progress against objectives
  • Display an ability to juggle priorities (for example client’s needs, logistical issues)
  • Consciously incorporate the plans of others to deliver overall effective planning
  • Anticipate potential stumbling blocks before they arise
  • Successfully deal with varied situations without the need for guidance
  • Set clear standards, goals or objectives for individuals and teams. Ensure that there is no ambiguity about what is required. Discuss performance at supervision and complete Performance reviews on time and to a high standard
  • Ensure the team has the optimal staffing complement and current skills mix needed
  • Regularly observe staff performance and their work. Give positive and constructive feedback immediately
  • Adopt a firm and assertive approach to dealing with instances of underperformance such as absenteeism or a poor level of output
  • Ensure that staff understand the connection between their role and the purpose and objectives of the organisation
  • Create opportunities for two-way communication on a regular basis & ensure feedback is shared with relevant stakeholders

Requirements of all Dublin Simon Community Staff:

  • Commitment to the purpose of Dublin Simon Community and to work within the values, policies and procedures of the organisation and in the context of current legislation and regulations.
  • To participate in regular supervision with your line manager.
  • To actively participate in team and staff meetings and service reviews/ evaluations and to contribute to the development of policy and practice with your area of work and within Dublin Simon as a whole.
  • To report any area of concern to your line manager in a timely manner.
  • To show reasonable flexibility in relation to hours of attendance to meet the needs of the work. Work during unsocial hours may be required.
  • Have a flexible approach to the work in response to organisational change, development and review of best practice.
  • Participate in and engage with a performance management programme.
  • Identify training needs with your line manager and participate in training opportunities appropriate to the role.
  • To be vigilant to any Health, Safety and Welfare risks in the workplace and bring any concerns to the attention of your line manager or Health & Safety Representative.
  • To participate in the efficient flow of information within the organisation by sharing and seeking information as appropriate.
  • To undertake other duties as may be requested by the line manager from time to time.
  • To undertake your work in a manner that is friendly, flexible and informal.

Dublin Simon is opposed to discrimination and the best candidate will be appointed regardless of age, disability, gender, ethnicity or other grounds.

Working Hours: 37.5 hours per week, 5 day Liability (Monday-Friday), 25 days annual leave.
Location: Dublin City (Cope Street).

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Application due date: 27/06/2021
For queries relating to this position please telephone (01) 635 4800

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