Good Shepherd Centre Kilkenny: Service Manager

Good Shepherd Centre Kilkenny

JOB DESCRIPTION – Service Manager

JOB TITLE: Service Manager
REPORTS TO: Operations Manager
LOCATION: Good Shepherd Centre

Purpose of the Post

The Service Manager will oversee all aspects of effective service delivery in the 24 hour provision of support within the Emergency and Transitional accommodation environment and to manage the service on a day-to-day basis so that the incidence of homeless is minimised and positive outcomes are achieved for all service users.

In conjunction with the Operations Manager:

  • Provide leadership to developing and sustaining a service designed to assist staff to support service users to resolve their problems and live a good quality life.
  • Develop and evaluate service plans to ensure services are delivered in line with changing national and regional policies, operational plans of HSE- Social Inclusion/Primary Care requirements to address the needs of service users are met.
  • Inform relevant strategies and plans in response to changing demographics, legislation, national policy, local strategies and plans and to the views of the community and stakeholders.
  • Manage the project workers in implementation of Care & Case Management based on the HSE National Drugs Rehabilitation Framework and facilitate the provision of care and support with a health and social care setting.
  • To develop and sustain a service that effectively and efficiently delivers high quality personal outcomes for customers.

Environment of the Post

GSCK provides emergency accommodation for up to 20 residents (emergency), 12 (17) apartments, 8 transitional and one family emergency. The services are low threshold in nature. A total of 48 placements.

Guidance and Authority

The service manager will report to the Operations Manager of GSCK. Who in turn reports to the CEO who in turn reports to the Chairperson of the Board of Directors.

Duties and Responsibilities


  • To assist in creating a management culture within the team which is service user focused, forward-looking and flexible.
  • To competently ensure all communication about the service is communicated in a professional, accurate and effective manner.
  • To represent the service and the wider organisation in a competent and professional manner maintaining the highest professional standards at all times through developing and maintaining strong operational links with a range of statutory & voluntary organisations
  • To network/liaise with external agencies by engaging positively on an interagency care planning basis and collaborating with all relevant agencies for running of the services. To attend all relevant forums as required and represent the services as required in other forums.
  • To manage, monitor and respond effectively and appropriately to the community and other agencies or individuals who have complaints about the service.

Strategic & Policy

  • To ensure that the service is relevant, service user focused and supports the national, regional and local strategic aims.
  • To contribute data, analysis and commentary to the statutory funders.
  • To assist in the development of, and to implement, monitor and review GSCK policies, procedures and ensure that they are in accordance with overall organisational policies and procedures, National Frameworks.
  • To support the Operations Manager ensure that the service meets all contractual and statutory obligations at a high Professional standard.
  • To ensure the delivery of housing related support to GSCK service users is in accordance with internal and external quality standards and relevant social policy
  • To lead on and identify gaps and improvements in service provision and bring these to the attention of Operations Manager and Statutory funders to find solutions to meet identified needs, to achieve continuous improvement and high professional standards.

Service Delivery & Housing Management

  • In conjunction with the Operations Manager to support on and ensure that service delivery is compliant with all relevant Service Level Agreement/Grant Aid Agreement & special conditions to achieve high professional standards.
  • To manage the service on a day-to-day basis, ensuring cost-effective utilisation of staff resources. To assist the Operations Manager in ensuring that the service is at the forefront of best practice in the management of services for homeless people within GSCK.
  • To ensure that policies and procedures are developed in line with the National Homeless Standards & National Standards for Better Safer Healthcare, up to date and implemented so that decisions affecting service users are in line with best practice, fair and consistent.
  • Ensure the implementation of care & case management for service users through needs assessment, care planning, shared care and reviews. To ensure that service user care plans are relevant, detailed and implemented according to best practice and to provide advice and support to staff with complex casework.
  • To manage GSCK, ensuring a high quality environment and good relations with residents. To ensure that all staff activity complies with health and safety legislation that risk assessments and safe working procedures are up to date and that staff receive appropriate health and safety training
  • To manage and coordinate the design & delivery of Healthy Life Skills for service users preparing for resettlement.
  • To manage key decisions regarding referrals and allocations, ensuring fair access and exit in line with GSCK policy and Equality and Human Rights Duty.
  • To oversee and ensure good practice on exit and ‘removal of service’ within GSCK, provide Operations Manager & funders with regular reports on fair access and exit.
  • To manage and ensure that the service has a maximisation of occupancy levels and a minimisation of voids and take the lead on good practice standards where appropriate.
  • To ensure that accidents, incidents and possible cases of occupational illness are investigated adequately, to maintain written records in accordance with policy, ensure adequate first aid provision and to ensure that machinery, tools, fire fighting, office or other equipment is maintained in a safe condition.
  • To ensure that an adequate standard of cleanliness is maintained in all communal areas, and by residents whilst in their own accommodation and in void rooms after residents have left.
  • To implement weekly room checks of resident’s rooms in relation to standards of health & safety and maintenance and to take appropriate action where necessary.
  • To ensure that residents comply with Conditions of Occupancy and to take appropriate action where necessary and respond to incidents of anti-social behaviour in accordance with policies and procedures and any relevant legislation
  • To be responsible for financial management of the service, including maintenance of the register of residents, collection of rents and service charges, issue of receipts and administration of any petty cash system.
  • To ensure that all GSCK records are adequate and kept up to date on the PASS System and to compile statistics and prepare reports as necessary or as required.
  • To ensure that GSCK HSE Date Returns are up to date and to compile statistics and prepare reports as necessary or as required. Ensure implementation of the tools required for the HSE Data Returns within your service.

People Management

  • To have overall operational responsibility for the management of the GSCK staff, and all other contracted staff and relief workers including all aspects of housing management, maintenance, health and safety, assessment planning and review.
  • To lead and motivate staff to perform effectively and in line with internal and external quality standards and organisational policy and procedure and contract requirements
  • Monitor, develop, improve and manage staff rotas to ensure the needs of the service are met efficiently and effectively. Ensuring that staffing levels are maintained to meet the organisational, operational and specific funding objectives of the service at all times.
  • To participate in the recruitment and selection of staff in partnership with statutory funders and provide and arrange effective induction training for new staff as required
  • To identify training needs of staff and ensure the training needs are addressed through personal development, on the job training and coaching, supervision and formal training.
  • To provide effective communication to all staff through written information, team meetings and formal supervision using effective management approaches to foster a positive culture and ensure high performance at all times.
  • To provide on call and ensure that on-call arrangements are effective, monitored and meet the needs of the service
  • Lead and facilitate team meetings and ensuring external and internal communication is effectively translated to all staff, and to ensure all decisions are followed through effectively.
  • To ensure that all service policy and procedure is understood and implemented by service delivery staff consistently and effectively, in compliance with legal requirements and other identified best practice.
  • To provide effective and supportive supervision to all GSCK staff. To recognise and reward staff for excellent performance and deal effectively with poor performance, staff concerns or complaints.
  • To lead the staff team in providing a safe, service user focused and supportive environment to meet the social, emotional, physical, health and resettlement needs of service users.
  • To ensure that the rights of service users are understood, respected and actively promoted and that their views on GSCK service provision are considered fully in decision-making, service review and quality improvements.
  • To lead and direct staff to deliver all aspects of service provision and ensure that high professional standards are maintained and that it meets the requirements of internal and external frameworks.
  • To ensure throughout all working practices and service delivery a high professional standard is established and maintained.
  • To ensure that high standards are maintained through the appropriate use of assessment and care/support planning for individuals, in line with GSCK policies, procedures, national frameworks and contractual requirements and relevant legislation.


  • Ensuring appropriate records, including statistics, are maintained, in line with data protection and freedom of information Acts.
  • Liaising with the Operations Manager on matters in relation to budget, efficiency, quality and cost saving measures as may be required.
  • To be responsible for the maintenance of buildings and grounds, making sure that external areas are kept in a safe, clean and tidy condition, making arrangements with maintenance staff where necessary for planned or responsive repairs.
  • Discharging such other duties and responsibilities, relevant to the post, as may be assigned from time to time by the Operations Manager.

Eligibility Criteria – Qualifications

Possess a Bachelors degree (Ord) in Social Care Practice (Level 7 on the QQI framework)
Possess a Bachelors degree (Hons) in Social Care Practice (Level 8 on the QQI framework)
Possess an equivalent qualification
Minimum of 2 years’ experience in a managerial role in a similar environment

  • Significant experience in managing and/or delivering a complex service as relevant to this role.
  • Significant operational experience in managing and delivering change in a complex environment, as relevant to the role.
  • Experience of managing and working collaboratively with multiple internal and external stakeholders, as relevant to the role.
  • Experience of managing a team
  • The requisite knowledge and ability (including a high standard of suitability, and managerial ability) for the proper discharge of the duties of the office.

Professional Knowledge/Experience Skills & Competencies


  • Knowledge and understanding of the Homelessness, Mental Health, Substance Misuse & vulnerable marginalise persons
  • A knowledge and understanding of service planning, performance monitoring and Quality Assurance.
  • Knowledge and understanding of Data Protection and Freedom of Information legislation
  • Knowledge and understanding of key National Homeless and Health policies
  • Knowledge of HR policies and procedures
  • Strong report writing skills
  • Knowledge and experience of using an email system effectively e.g. Outlook, Excellent MS Office skills to include, Word, Excel and PowerPoint

Critical Analysis & Decision Making


  • The ability to evaluate complex information from a variety of sources and make effective decisions.
  • Effective problem solving skills, including the ability to anticipate problems and recognise when to involve other parties (at the appropriate time and level).
  • The ability to rapidly assimilate and analyse complex information, considering the impact of decisions before taking action and anticipating challenges.
  • Makes evidence based timely decisions and stands by those decisions as required.
  • Reviews evidence on an ongoing basis to ensure that previous decisions continue to be evidence based.

Operational Excellence - Managing & Delivering Results


  • A proven ability to prioritise, organise and schedule a wide variety of tasks and to manage competing demands and tight deadlines while consistently maintaining high standards and positive working relationships.
  • Evidence of effective project planning and organisational skills including an awareness of resource management and the importance of value for money
  • Strong evidence of excellent financial planning and expenditure management
  • Ability to take personal responsibility to initiate activities and drive objectives through to a conclusion
  • The ability to improve efficiency within the working environment and the ability to evolve and adapt to a rapid changing environment.
  • A capacity to operate successfully in a challenging operational environment while adhering to quality standards.
  • Ability to seek and seize opportunities beneficial to achieving organisation goals and strives to improve service delivery.
  • Have a strong results focus and ability to achieve results through cross departmental working

Teamwork, Leadership & Building and Maintaining Relationships


  • Effective leadership in a challenging and busy environment including a track record of innovation / improvements.
  • The ability to work both independently and as part of a team.
  • The ability to build and maintain relationships in working as part of a multi-disciplinary and multi-stakeholder environment.
  • The ability to lead, direct and influence others, in partnership, with a wide variety of stakeholders in a complex and changing environment.
  • A capacity to inspire teams to the confident delivery of excellent services.
  • A vision in relation to what changes are required to achieve immediate and long term organisational objectives.
  • Evidence of being a positive agent of change and performance improvement.
  • Experience in team management and development.

Communication & Interpersonal Skills


  • Excellent interpersonal and communications skills to facilitate work with a wide range of individuals and groups
  • Excellent report writing and documentation skills including the ability to present information in a confident, logical and convincing manner
  • A capacity to influence and negotiate ensuring delivery on stretched objectives
  • The ability to interact in a professional manner with other Health staff and other key stakeholders

Commitment to a Quality Service


  • Evidence of interest and passion in engaging with and delivering on better outcomes for service users
  • An ability to cope with competing demands without a diminution of performance
  • Demonstrably identifies with and is committed to the core values of the HSE Social Inclusion & National Standards for Homeless Services and places a high emphasis on achieving standards of excellence.

To Apply:

Please send applications to

Closing date: 12th February 2021

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