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Seven years ago I was hit by a truck while on a J1 visa in the US. I suffered a severe brain injury which means I require 24 hour care. I can understand everything you say, I communicate using a switch. I have very limited body movement but it is slowly getting better. I am a gentle person (more than before!) with a lot of motivation and hope.

I need a personal assistant who sees me as an equal. This person needs to help me with all personal hygiene, with eating and communicating, with getting into the wheelchair, basically with everything. I am interested in current affairs, history, music, Irish language and culture. I would like somebody who would talk to me. You could even speak to me a little in your language and I could learn it. And somebody with a good sense of humour.

I live at home, I have my own area at the back of our house in Drumcondra. The hours, with a decent rate, would be regular hours, between thirty and forty hours a week, we can come to an arrangement about this.

We can also provide training if you need it.
You can start as soon as you are able to.

Please send your applications to me at

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12th Oct, 2020
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