Growing Roots Forest School: Forest School Leader / Facilitator (Part-Time)

Growing Roots Forest School

Forest School Leader / Facilitator

Location: Red Rock Forest, Sutton, Dublin 13

Job type: Part time (12 hours / week: 3 afternoons, from 2 to 6pm). Paid 13€ per hour. Possibility to create more groups to increase the hours.

Starting Beginning of September

Growing Roots Forest SchoolPosition overview: The Forest School Facilitator has the responsibility to assist the Forest School Leader (FSL) in the facilitation of afterschool sessions and summer camps in the forest. This includes the preparation of the camp before the arrival of the children, assisting the FSL in the preparation of games and activities for them to support the children’s explorations, co-facilitating the session, liaising with the parents and tidying up the camp after the session.

Forest Schools aim to support children’s development and well-being by offering an environment in which exploration is permitted, personal initiative and creativity is welcomed, and each individual needs and rhythms are respected. The approach is child-led, which means that the session’s content always follows the children’s interests and needs.

Growing Roots Forest SchoolAs the children come back to the same natural area throughout the year, they build trust as they explore it more and more and learn from it throughout the seasons. It is the responsibility of the adults of the group to encourage the development of a deep connection to nature, while also keeping the children safe. This encompasses supporting the learning of how to play outdoors safely, how to assess risks and encourage children to use their own initiative to solve problems and cooperate with others.

We also teach children how to have a positive impact on the green spaces they use by modelling best behaviours, including litter picking and following the “Leave no trace” principles.

Additional knowledge, skills & experience required:

  • Minimum 2 years of experience working with children
  • Forest School Leader Certificate / The intention to do the training (possible ways to finance it through Growing Roots)
  • Degree in child psychology, childcare, or education
  • A strong understanding of child development: motor, emotional, and cognitive development.
  • A love of the outdoors (camping, hiking, an interest in bushcraft / foraging…)
  • A Full Driving License is a plus

How to apply: send a cv + motivational letter at by the 23rd of August 2021

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21st Jul, 2021
Sutton, Dublin 13
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