“Arts for All” tender for mapping inclusive practice in the arts through an interactive website

Arts for All

Arts for All: Cork becoming a centre of excellence in inclusive Arts

Proposal: Tender for mapping inclusive practice in the arts through an interactive website.

Vision: The creation of a dynamic resource which will map inclusive practice and events in the Arts in Cork. The resource will be contemporaneous, live and meaningful and to this end it will need to be managed and supported.


  • To understand what practice currently exists in Cork which focuses on inclusivity in the arts.
  • To create, in the process of mapping, a network of organisations and individual artists who promote inclusivity in the arts.
  • To build a wider understanding and awareness around the benefits of inclusive practice in the arts.
  • To provide a tool that will provide further access to all to the arts in the city with updated events, programmes, projects, funding and collaborative opportunities.


  • An interactive web page that will map all the activities that promote social inclusion in the arts, across the city, in addition to update on city events, programmes and opportunities for funding and collaborations.
  • The map will exist as a resource, will be accessible, can be added to, and is a live representation of inclusive arts practice in Cork.
  • Through the process, examples of good and promising practice may be identified.
  • Through the process of mapping, the need for further research may also be highlighted.


  • Transformational: Will change perceptions around the meaning and value of inclusion.
  • Giving Voice: To practitioners and artists whose work values, explores and promotes inclusion.
  • Enhancing lives: Highlighting that Cork is a diverse, creative and inclusive city for all.
  • Innovation: Recognising that through the richness of diversity and inclusion comes innovation.

Who you will need to engage with:

  • Cultural institutions.
  • Arts organisations.
  • Individual practitioners.
  • People who can experience marginalisation in the arts.
  • Other city initiatives; e.g. City of Sanctuary, Learning Cities, Healthy Cities, Music Generation, etc.

Roles and Responsibilities:

This opportunity is open to anyone with a strong interest in Inclusive Arts, mapping and technical skills (GIS and web technologies). The successful candidate will be an enthusiastic individual with excellent technical (IT skills) and social research and analysis skills and experience and will have the capacity to work on her/his own initiative. Experience of using GIS is essential.

Phase I:

  • Build a database of inclusive arts practice in Cork City
  • Identify and create a map of existing inclusive arts practices (organizations, NGO’s, community groups and artists).
  • Provide prototypes of possible models.

Phase II:

  • Data collected in phase I on inclusive arts practices will be layered in a visual interactive and live map.
  • Will consist of developing a web tool and a multimedia, interactive platform of events, programmes, projects and opportunities, in addition to mapping social inclusion arts practices in the city.
  • Support the use of participatory cartography (crowd mapping) using web and mobile applications reflecting integration with social networks which is increasingly considered as critical.

The organisation or person who will be successful at this Phase I tender will implement the second phase of this tender subject to the Arts For All Steering Committee being satisfied with the implementation of Phase I on completion of Phase I and also subject to funding.

Please submit a letter of application, a short proposal and Curriculum Vitae/s by Thursday the 19th of December 2019 at 6:00 p.m. and please send to maria_minguella@corkcity.ie

Informal enquiries to Maria Minguella at maria_minguella@corkcity.ie



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