Walkinstown Greenhills Resource Centre: Invitation to submit a tender

Walkinstown Greenhills Resource Centre


Invitation to submit a tender for the evaluation of outcomes and learning from the Young Person and Family Support Programme (A pilot programme funded by TUSLA).

1 Invitation to tender

The Walkinstown Greenhills Resource Centre (WGRC) wishes to contract a suitably qualified person to conduct an evaluation of its Young Person and Family Support Programme (YPFSP). This is an open invitation to tender, seeking tenders from a suitably qualified and experienced person with experience of undertaking evaluation work of this nature.

2. About The Walkinstown Greenhills Resource Centre

We are a community based initiative providing information, support and counselling for those affected by substance misuse and mental health difficulties. Our mission is to continue to provide the highest standard of Addiction and Mental Health Support to the people of Walkinstown and Greenhills. We believe that people possess great strength and capacity within themselves to cope with and overcome the problems facing them in their lives and that through fostering belief in the person’s potential for change and focusing on the value they have as people, we have witnessed individuals emerging from isolation and despair into able, confident people realising their ability to participate in their families and their communities.

WGRC is a community based initiative providing information, support, and counselling for those affected by substance misuse and mental health difficulties. If you are struggling with the consequences of your own substance misuse or mental health difficulties, or that of a family member, you don’t have to face it alone. We have a professional and experienced team who can help you on the road to change.

The services we provide are confidential and free/low cost.

3. About the Young Person and Family Support Worker

The overall aim of the project is to provide targeted interventions to those affected by familial substance abuse in the Dublin 12 area and increase the capacity of service providers to deliver prevention and early intervention initiatives to children, young people and their families.

The YP&FSW will aim to achieve the following outcomes;

  • To build personal resilience amongst young persons (Young Persons Support Programme).
  • To increase the protective factors surrounding young persons (Mentoring Programme)
  • To strengthen family relationships (Strengthening Family Programme)
  • To provide support and respite to vulnerable parents (Personal Development)
  • To build community resilience (Supportive Community Infrastructure).
  • To increase the capacity of service providers to deliver prevention and early Intervention to those affected by familial substance misuse.

4. Evaluating the Young Person & Family Support Worker Project

We now wish to undertake an independent evaluation to deepen our understanding of the YPFSP pilot. For this we are proposing a mixed methods approach including consultation with families and children, key stakeholders, and staff.  In particular, we propose the evaluation identifies what worked well, what barriers were experienced, any learning from the project and identify any areas of that could inform future roles.

Aim of evaluation:

To carry out an independent evaluation that will provide both an assessment of the impact of the YP&FSP for the participants who attend it, plus an assessment of the multi stakeholder process that underpins the programme. The following tender details are the expectations from the independent evaluator; as follows:

Objectives include:

  1. Evaluate the impact of the YP&FSP, for the participants to determine the impact of the programme on family and community life. 
  2. Evaluate the impact of the YP&FSW programme for participants from the perspective of the Referral Agents.  . 
  3. Evaluate the structure and operation of the YP&FSP.
  4. Make recommendations for the sustainability of a future YP&FSP or a similar programme, based on findings of the above referenced evaluation, best practice and available resources.
  5. Provide a detailed impact\benefit report that can be used to promote the YP&FSP. 
  6. Provide a report of findings describing information gathered findings from the above referenced points 1-5, for use as operational support for the Steering Committee. This report needs to include a summary written report.
  7. Present these findings to the Steering Committee with interested agencies on completion of the evaluation.

5. Management of the evaluation process

The evaluation will be overseen by the Steering Committee of the Young Person & Family Support Programme. The lead agency will be the WGRC and all contact will be through the Manager of WGRC.

6. Format of tenders

Selection of an evaluator to carry out the evaluation will be made at the discretion of the YP&FSWP Steering Committee. Applicants should submit a tender document which addresses the points listed below in the order given. The tender document should be no more than 2,500 words (excluding CVs, which should be added as appendices). Please find the information headings to be addressed in the tender document below.

General information

• Name, address, telephone number and e-mail address of the applicant

• A copy of the applicant’s Tax Clearance certificate, or, in the case of a non-resident applicant, a statement from the Revenue Commissioners confirming suitability on tax grounds.

Previous relevant experience and expertise

• Outline of the qualifications and relevant professional experience of the applicant. Please add a summary CV.

• In particular, please describe expertise and competencies relate to the area of work described in the tender, substantiated with evidence such as published work if possible.

• Provide evidence to demonstrate the applicant’s knowledge of current relevant national and international policy and practice.

• Outline your understanding of the relevance of data protection legislation as it pertains to this tender and in particular in responding to data access requests and the sharing of information etc.

Evaluation methodology

• Outline how the evaluation would be tackled.


• The deadline for the completion of the evaluation is 6th December 2019

* The applicant is required to outline a proposed calendar/time-table of activities from start to finish.

* The applicant is required to provide a breakdown of the hours / days devoted to the carrying out of this tender.


  • The costs for proposals to undertake the evaluation should not exceed €2,000 including VAT, outlay, staff costs, travel, subsistence, word and data processing and printing, overhead costs and any other standard costs.
  • Payment will be made on an agreed basis during the course of the project.

7. Requests for further information or clarification

Requests for further information or clarification of any aspect of this process or expectations for this evaluation can be made by email to johndavis@wgrc.ie or by phone at 01 4198630.

To ensure equitable treatment of prospective tenderers, where such additional information or clarification is provided, WGRC will seek to make relevant information available to all. Therefore, please provide a contact email address with your tender to facilitate this information-sharing.

8. Terms and conditions


The WGRC will remain the sole owner of all end-products including, but not limited to, research data, reports, documentation, information, etc., irrespective of whether or not the project is completed. The contractor’s work shall be acknowledged by the WGRC in materials produced and disseminated on the basis of work completed under this contract. Proposals for scholarly/academic publishing under the name(s) of the researcher(s) arising from this research can be discussed with WGRC, as owner of the data and other products of the research, and may be agreed to subject to prior approval in writing from WGRC.

Conflict of interest

Any registered interest involving the contractor and WGRC, their staff or relatives must be fully disclosed in the response to this Invitation to Tender, or should be communicated to WGRC immediately upon such information becoming known to the contractor. In any case, such information must be made available prior to the award of the contract. The terms "Registered Interest" and "Relative" shall be interpreted as per Section 2 of the Ethics in Public Office Act 1995. Failure to disclose a conflict of interest may disqualify a tenderer or invalidate an award of contract, depending on when the conflict of interest comes to light.

Garda clearance

All personnel who may be required to work directly with children and families throughout this research process will be subject to Garda clearance.

Freedom of information

Information supplied in respect of this tender may be disclosed by WGRC under the terms of the Freedom of Information Act, unless it is exempt from Disclosure under that Act (e.g. personal information or commercially sensitive information where the public interest in non-disclosure outweighs the public interest in disclosure). Tenderers are invited to indicate if they consider any information supplied to be sensitive. Under Section 29 of the Act, any tenderer must be consulted by the WGRC before any decision to disclose such information.

Changes to invitation to tender

The WGRC reserves the right to update or alter the information contained in this document at any time, but not later than seven days before the closing date for the receipt of tenders. Participating tenderers will be informed as the need arises.

9. Submission of tenders

Tenders should be submitted by email attachment as a single PDF or Microsoft Word document (with applicant CVs as appendices) to johndavis@wgrc.ie Receipt of tenders will be acknowledged.

The closing date for receipt of completed tenders is the 21st September 2019.


Walkinstown, Dublin 12

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