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Background and Overview

North Tipperary Development Company is a local development company responsible for the delivery of a range of rural enterprise, social inclusion, and community development initiatives in the Tipperary North County area.

In 2018 NTDC undertook a Traveller Men’s Needs Analysis to identify the needs of Traveller men in the area. The overarching conclusion of the needs analysis is that Traveller men in North Tipperary are a highly marginalised minority group with substantial social, economic and cultural needs. They experience considerable isolation from activities and behaviours that they view as important in their lives and which are considered the norm in the wider community.

The Needs Analysis report proposes investment in the leadership capacity of Traveller men in North Tipperary to address their own needs, interests and concerns in a collective fashion. It recommends a Community Development process that would be:

  • determined by the expressed needs, interests, concerns and priorities of Traveller men in North Tipperary;
  • inclusive of and open to all Traveller men;
  • led by Traveller men;
  • openly engaged with the complexities of Traveller men’s lives;
  • premised on the development of trusting relationships with and between individual Traveller men.

Invitation to Tender

Based on the recommendations of the Traveller Men’s Needs Analysis, North Tipperary Development Company invites applications from suitably qualified individuals/ organisations to develop a project proposal for working with Traveller Men.

The objectives are to:

  • Develop a plan for working with Traveller men
  • Develop relationships with Traveller men and ensure they are involved at every stage of the process
  • Engage with agencies in North Tipperary and consider their role in any project
  • Establish what funding streams are available to employ a Community Development Worker to work with Traveller men
  • Develop a Job description for a Community Development Worker for the project
  • Work with a Steering Group to oversee the development of the project.


Each tender proposal should include the following:

  • Name and contact details of the individual or company submitting the proposal.
  • Individual or Company profile including personnel and resources necessary to satisfy suitability criteria.
  • Details of qualifications and relevant experience
  • Details of proposed project team including CV’s
  • A work plan identifying the approaches and methodologies to be used in developing the project.
  • Names and contact details of referees.
  • Tax Clearance Certificate access details
  • A detailed costing for the work with a breakdown provided of the individual elements and including all expenses and VAT. The maximum budget available for this piece of work is €10,000


It is expected that contracts will be signed by the end of August and work will take place from September onwards with completion of the initial phase by December 2019

Tender Evaluation Process

Tenders will be assessed on the following criteria:

  • Similar previous experience demonstrated through examples of work undertaken
  • Quality/standard of previous work
  • Competitive price
  • Compliance with tender process

Closing Date

  • The closing date for receipt of tenders is 5pm Friday 16th August 2019. Tenders received after this time will not be accepted.

Tender submissions should be emailed to

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