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Tender for the Evaluation of the A Lust for Life ‘FutureFlix’ Pilot Project


A Lust for Life is now seeking tenders from interested individuals / organisations for the evaluation of the ‘FutureFlix’ Pilot Project. The project is ongoing and will continue, provided funding is available. It is expected that the evaluation will start in September and the final report will be due in December 2019.


A Lust for Life is developing a new, innovative mental health programme for primary school pupils in Ireland. The programme is funded by Creative Ireland and the Social Innovation Fund Ireland, is currently in development phase, and will be piloted later this year. The working title of this programme is ‘Futureflix’.

Children will have a new and innovative opportunity to create their own digital content about key mental health issues that affect them, and A Lust for Life will create a platform for them to share this content with every school in Ireland. The content will use language and platforms that children actually use to consume information, as well as having a teacher toolkit and a parent toolkit, to back it up, with lesson plans and supports grounded in best practice educationally and psychologically. The platform will look like and feel like a Netflix platform, and will have a clear and simple interface for pupils and teachers to engage with.

We will draw upon the expertise of our Mental Health Advisory Panel – constructed of mental health professionals and mental health media professionals – to guide us and to allow us amplify the “right” message in the right way with the right research.

The programme is a scalable and feasible model that reaches a wide audience in a sustainable and consistent way. We believe it has the potential to create system-wide change in our schools in terms of how children see themselves and others, as well as how teachers will be empowered to take on addressing mental health issues using the safe, evidence based tools we provide.


A Lust for Life seeks an external consultant to conduct an evaluation over 3 months between September – November 2019, in total 20 days work. The evaluator is expected to produce a report of their findings from the research and present it to the Steering Committee of A Lust for Life. The final report will be produced no later than 15th December 2019. More information on A Lust for Life can be found at www.alustforlife.com

The pilot project aims to:

  • Implement a new educational support that engages children with their emotional well-being, by developing an innovative source of content and information on a variety of mental health topics (anger, resilience, happiness, sadness)
  • Increase teachers’ understanding of the challenges facing children around their emotional well-being and empower teachers to be able to engage with these challenges in the classroom
  • Give children a broader set of self-care tools to help them take better care of their own minds
  • Improve the links and support between school and home for children’s emotional well-being education
  • Provide support to children and teachers in accessing the services available in the classroom that can help them improve their emotional well-being
  • Test the usefulness and acceptance of an emotional well-being programme in the classroom
  • Monitor and evaluate outcomes and outputs with children, teachers and parents

Terms of Reference:

The evaluation will include assessment of:

  1. The implementation process of the FutureFlix programme
  2. The levels of engagement with the programme
  3. The impact, if any, of the programme on children’s well-being, quality of life and social connectedness
  4. The impact, if any, for teachers from having a support like this available to them
  5. The connectivity/links between the school and home settings; is what is being explored through the programme in school being supported at home?
  6. The effectiveness of the programme’s structure including the collaboration process, programme coordination and the implementation process
  7. The fluency of the technical infrastructure of the content platform
  8. The limitations of the programme and what/how can we improve it
  9. The usefulness of the FutureFlix programme

To complete the evaluation, the successful tenderer will:

  • Be provided with access to relevant hard and soft copy data
  • Consult with the Steering Committee and the A Lust for Life team
  • Consult with the programme participants
  • Provide one interim (written and verbal) report and keep regular contact with Programme Coordinator
  • Provide a final written report, including conclusions and recommendation, by December 2019

The findings from the evaluation will inform A Lust for Life in its decision-making relevant to the future strategic and operational directions of the FutureFlix programme.

The Tender Process:

Tender Document

Contractors should ensure their written proposal takes full account of the services to be provided and the designated award criteria for the contract.

Evaluation of Tenders

Tenders will be evaluated and scored in accordance with the Criteria for Selection and contract as outlined below. While all interested parties may submit a tender, only those demonstrating that they have the required level of capability will have their tender considered.

  • A clear understanding of the brief for the evaluation
  • Knowledge and understanding of working within the educational sector, specifically the primary school setting
  • Knowledge and understanding of evaluating a mental health / emotional well-being programme
  • Approach / vision outlined in tender to meeting the requirements of the evaluation, including timeframe and presentation of the tender document
  • Previous experience of evaluation work
  • Mix of skills in relation to different types of tasks required in the evaluation

Criteria for Selection:

A Lust for Life will determine eligibility for this tender in accordance with the criteria set out below:

  1. Understanding of the service to be provided. The consultant(s) must have expertise, experience and a proven track record in primary school settings, as well as mental health and well-being monitoring and evaluation - 30%
  2. Capacity and resources to deliver the services required - 25%
  3. Relevant skills, expertise and experience of evaluation personnel - 25%
  4. Overall cost - 20%

Tenders should include the following:

  • Evaluation Framework Design, Methodologies and Ethical Considerations Describe the research / evaluation methodologies to be used to collect data and evaluate the programme implementation and outcomes. Proposals should consider the best methods for evaluation and the limits of any one method or data source. At all times, the research should be mindful of Children’s First legislation and best practice for safeguarding children.
  • Data Collection & Analyses Data collection plans should reflect the requisite time-frame for the detection of outcomes. Submissions should include a plan for addressing each of the evaluation questions in terms of how the data will be gathered and analysed (e.g. surveys, interviews, frequency, schedule, stages of data collection).
  • Experience Describe previous experience in evaluation generally and specifically in the areas of the primary school sector and mental health. Describe your approach to project management. We recommend that applicants consider their experience and expertise in implementing similar pilot project evaluations.
  • Staffing Identify the project team assigned to the evaluation, including (i) CV’s, (ii) responsibilities for the project, (iii) number of days that each staff member will devote to the project and (iv) collaboration with others to ensure there is sufficient expertise to conduct all elements of proposed evaluation.
  • Budget Estimate the cost and prepare a budget, linking the costs to key activities in the work plan. The budget should reflect all evaluation costs.
  • References Provide references from two clients.
  • Conflict of Interest Any interest involving the Tenderer and A Lust for Life, their staff or relatives must be fully disclosed in response to this invitation at the time of submitting the tender. Any other conflict of interest must also be fully disclosed.


A maximum amount of €5,000-€7,000 (inclusive of all fees, additional charges and VAT) is available for this evaluation.

A Lust for Life will not be responsible for any additional costs, charges or expenses incurred by tenderers.


Payments will be made at project initiation (30%), divided equally between the interim (1) report (35%), and the final report (35%)

Submission of Tenders:

Completed Tenders should be submitted electronically to editor@alustforlife.com and cc’d to sarah@iyf.ie with the subject line: Tender for Evaluation Toolkit

Any queries in relation to this tender should be addressed to;

Closing Date for Submissions:

Submissions should be submitted by 5pm on Friday 19th April 2019

A Lust for Life does not bind itself to accept the lowest or any offer



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