North Eastern Regional Drug & Alcohol Task Force: Request for Tender

Request for tender – Peer-to-peer substance use education training in Louth

The North Eastern Regional Drug & Alcohol Task Force, in conjunction with our partners in Dundalk Credit Union, Louth GAA & Local Community Development Committee in Louth, wish to invite tenders from suitably qualified and experienced trainer / facilitators to deliver comprehensive peer-to-peer substance use education training for trainers to young people in post-primary schools across Louth, commencing Autumn 2019.

Closing date for tenders: 12.00 hours on Friday 26th April 2019

Contact: / Tel: 046 9248630

1: Background:

Following the confirmation of sponsorship from our community partners, the NE-RDATF is engaged in the rollout of evidence-based and best practice prevention and education interventions to address substance misuse across the North East Region.

2: Description of work to be completed by the successful tenderer.

  • To deliver training to Transition Year students from post-primary schools in the first term, to enable them to become peer educators to First Year and / or 6th Class (primary school) pupils;
  • Work with schools to ensure synergy between the Wellbeing programme and that delivered through the peer-to-peer training;
  • Deliver training and support peer educators in relation to facilitation, information and delivery in the second term;
  • Work within Best Practice Guidelines using the Quality Standards as set out by the Drug Education Workers Forum;
  • Work with schools to ensure the peer educators are given support required to attend all training in relation to the delivery of the programme;
  • Work with schools to ensure delivery timetables are adequate and reasonable;
  • Conduct an evaluation of the impact of the programme with both the first year and / or 6th class students that have received the programme and with the peer educators themselves.

3: The successful tenderer will be expected to be:

  • Experienced and committed to peer education as a positive medium for delivering substance misuse information and education;
  • A legal entity and have appropriately trained and experienced personnel with responsibility for delivering the substance use education programme;
  • Have high standards of internal management and a track record for completing projects on time and within budget;
  • Ensure that staff engaged to work with the young people have full Garda Clearance, as well as expertise in organisational and management procedures and a track record in providing support to young people;
  • Be flexible and responsive to the particular needs of the schools and the peer educators;
  • Meet with schools / teachers as required.

4: Tender documents should include the following:

Confirmation of understanding of the requirements of the project: your proposal must demonstrate understanding of the scope and complexity of this task, the scale of effort required, an ability to meet the project objectives, including indicators of success and which incorporates all of the requirements outlined in Section 2.

Proposals must include sufficient information to permit the Agency to evaluate the tenderers’ understanding of the requirements and their competency to deliver on these.

A proposal as to how they intend to deliver the training and support. This should:

  • set out clearly the proposed approach to the work, along with the schools to participate and the numbers of peer educators and receivers;
  • outline the methodology and supports to be provided and the outputs and outcomes anticipated;
  • set out an annual work plan, giving dates and deadlines and input of those assigned to the work, as well as -
    1. Details of the tenderers experience in delivering training and support;
    2. Details of relevant assignments undertaken by the tenderer;
    3. Details of the personnel who will be assigned responsibility for the tasks as identified, including the time input of each individual to the work plan. Tenderers must give a guarantee that any replacement during the course of the project will be agreed in advance with the North Eastern Regional Drugs & Alcohol Task Force and will be at least of equal expertise and experience;
    4. Details of the names and title/level of each person to be engaged in the delivery of training and support including up‑to‑date curriculum vitae for each individual;
    5. Detailed references;
    6. A detailed costing of the support and training to be provided as detailed in Section 5 (See section below on costings).

5: Costings:

The maximum total budget available to the Agency for the services to be provided (see Section 2 above) is €20,000 (inclusive of VAT, where applicable) per year for three years, subject to funding. The Agency awards its contracts on the basis of a fixed price contract. The proposals should, therefore, state a total fixed cost for the project and a daily rate. The quotation/quoted fee must be in EURO. Specifically, proposals should state:

  • The fixed cost for the delivery of training and support. The quotation/quoted fee shall be that amount which is necessary to carry out all of the work required to satisfy the terms of reference and/or the Agency; this sum shall include all costs e.g. staff costs, administration, travel, subsistence and other expenses, overheads, insurances, liaison with all relevant individuals and authorities and all sub‑contractors fees;
  • The daily rate and number of days being charged in respect of each individual to be involved in the project;
  • Any licensing costs associated with any part of the proposal should be clearly identified;
  • Proposals should clearly indicate any discounts to which the Agency would be entitled, including public sector discounts, early payment discounts, forward contract discounts and any other discounts;
  • Give details of any other costs, taxes or duties, which may be incurred;
  • The quotation/quoted fee shall be inclusive of all taxes and the price quoted should not exceed €20,000 pa;
  • The appropriate VAT rate should be shown separately if applicable.

6: Qualification Criteria:

Tenders will be subject to the following qualification criteria: ‑

  1. Completeness of tender documentation;
  2. Stated ability of the tenderer to meet all the requirements specified in sections above of this document;
  3. It is intended that only those tenderers who meet all of the above qualifying criteria will be eligible for inclusion in the award process.

7: Award Criteria:

The basis on which any contract arising from this Request for Tender will be awarded will be the most economically advantageous business solution taking account of the following criteria (marked out of a total of 40 points):

  • Consistency with Terms of Reference – 5 points
  • Overall quality of presentation and clarity of submission – 5 points
  • Proposed methodology – 5 points
  • Timeframe – 5 points
  • Ethical considerations – 5 points
  • Cost/value – 5 points
  • Relevant experience of consultant(s) in relation to undertaking research – 5 points
  • Relevant experience of consultants(s) in relation to the subject matter (i.e. knowledge of policy context and literature; has previous work experience in the area) – 5 points

8: Shortlist of tenderers:

In the event of a wide response to this RFT, a shortlist will be compiled of the highest ranked tenderers based on the outcomes of the application of the award criteria as detailed above. Short-listed tenderers may be invited to make presentations of their proposals. These presentations will determine, in conjunction with the results achieved by each tenderer under the award criteria, the final award of the contract.

9: Deadline for receipt of tenders:

12.00 hours on Friday 26th April by email to or by post to NE-RATF, Unit 2 Kennedy Road, Navan, Co. Meath C15 RCW1


Co Louth

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