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Request for Tenders – 08/04/19

For the provision of IT Hardware and Ongoing IT Support & Maintenance

Tender Deadline: 19th April, 2019

1. Organisation Details

Not So Different provides training, mentoring and support to individuals with ASD, their families, educators, employers, and to community to increase the capacity of those supporting neuro-atypicals and neurotypicals to realise their full potential through education and employment.

One of the ways we do this is through our Creative Ability Hubs, that are designed to:

  • Reduce social isolation and promote inclusion
  • Increase confidence, self-esteem and motivation of neuro-atypicals and neurotypicals so they can realise their potential
  • Showcase and encourage the creative ability of neuro-atypicals and neurotypicals
  • Increase employment opportunities for both neuro-atypicals and neurotypicals through working with potential employers and employees
  • Creating employment by means of the Creative Ability Hub

2. Context

In the delivery of our programme, we require our Creative Ability Hubs to be fitted out with suitable technologies to support both our participants and our staff. The initial requirement is for our Creative Ability Hub located in Coolock, but it is the intention that the IT Provider for this hub would also be open to contract for the services relating to the other hubs we are also opening. In the setup of the hubs, it is key for the experience of students and staff that we are using equipment that is of sufficient specification for their requirements, which will include design and multimedia projects.

Please note that as a Social Enterprise, Not So Different is afforded various free and reduced licensing for software through the EncludeIT donation programme ( We would ask that proposals reflect this and that tenderers familiarise themselves with the entitlements under this programme.

3. Scope of Services Required

We ask that tenders respond the various requirements as outlined below, focused firstly on the hardware and software setup and installation in the hub, and secondly on ongoing support services required.

3.1 Hardware and Software Scope

The hub requires the supply and installation of the following

  • 10 Computer Workstations for Participants, to be of sufficient spec to run the software required (Minimum requirements: i7 Processor 3.5GHz or equivalent, 16GB RAM, 2GB Graphics Card)
    • Adobe Creative Cloud
    • Microsoft Office Suite
    • Web browsing and general functionality
  • 1 Additional Computer Workstation for data entry
  • 3 Laptops for staff, to be of sufficient specification
    • Microsoft Office Suite
    • Web browsing and general functionality
  • Training Equipment to include Projector and Projector Screen (We would invite options on technologies including Interactive Whiteboards, Video Screens, etc as alternatives
  • NAS or other central storage for media files
  • Multifunction Printer including Print, Scanning and Copying
  • Telephone System, including 3 handset units – either landline or Voice Over IP options are suitable
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM) System – For the storage of staff and student details, managing case files, and tracking requests

Ideally, we would envision an option for users to be able to log in with their credentials on different work stations with their presets/profile available.

3.2 Ongoing support services

We will require a support contract to cover the maintenance and incidental repair of the above equipment, software systems as above, and our GSuite Emails. We would also require initial training for staff on the technology and systems above.

4. Budget

Please note that the maximum budget for the items covered above is €24,000 (inclusive of VAT), with the Support Contract being applicable for the first year, with potential of renewal thereafter based on satisfactory outcomes.

5. Selection Criteria

The successful tenderer will be required to provide a two page proposal detailing the products and services as outlined in this document together with a current Tax Clearance Certificate and all appropriate insurances. Tenders must be able to demonstrate prior relevant experience in the setup and maintenance of IT Systems.

The contract will be awarded from the qualifying tenders on the basis of the proposed approach to meeting the brief outlined above, range and depth of previous relevant experience and cost effectiveness.

Not So Different retains the option to offer the contract in parts to two providers, but will reconsult with applicants should this option be pursued

Applications to be submitted by email to no later than 12noon on 19th April, 2019


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