South Dublin County Partnership: Call for Tender - Feasibility Study under the Kick Start Fund

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South Dublin County Partnership Call for Tender
Feasibility Study under the Kick Start Fund

A new scheme which aims to create jobs and support social enterprise in the criminal justice sector


South Dublin County Partnership (SDC Partnership) is a Local Development Company primarily funded by the Irish Government to bring together local communities and state agencies to tackle the problems of unemployment and social exclusion. We develop projects and services to support sustainable and vibrant communities where people can realise their potential and experience a high quality of life. The focus of our activities is on areas where people experience disadvantage and our programmes of work are organised across key thematic areas: Community Development, Enterprise and Employment, Lifelong Learning, Children & Families and Health and Well Being. SDCP currently employs over 100 core staff and 400 placement workers and operates across multiple sites throughout South County Dublin.

Kick Start is a new jobs initiative to support the development of social enterprises and increase employment for people with criminal convictions. Kick Start was launched in 2018 and developed jointly by the Probation Service and the Irish Prison Service, as part of the Department of Justice and Equality’s Social Enterprise Strategy, ‘A New Way Forward’.

SDCP was recently awarded funding under Kick Start Seed Fund to undertake a feasibility study into the establishment of a social enterprise. The aim of the social enterprise will be to engage with male and female ex-offenders and align them with relevant work experience upon release. It is intended that the work experience undertaken with the Social Enterprise will assist ex offenders to transition into mainstream employment and a brighter and more prosperous future. While social enterprise is a relatively new and alternative approach to reducing recidivism in Ireland, statistics from the UK indicate that 95% of ex-offenders who work in a social enterprise do not re-offend. This provides a very significant social benefit, not just for those in the criminal justice system, but also for society generally.

Objectives of the Research

The objectives of the research are to:

  • Provide SDCP with firm evidence of the potential for the development of a social enterprise which will employ ex-offenders
  • Identify the key players needed to be engaged in the establishment of a steering group to oversee the development of such a project
  • Identify the requisite number of staff and their skills levels needed to staff such a project in the initial start-up phase
  • Cost the establishment of such a service
  • Devise a one year strategic plan which will include recommendations on the key actions which will need to be undertaken in the first year of the project

Focus of study:

The feasibility study will focus on the following areas:

  • Confirm the need for the establishment of a social enterprise
  • Identify the skills which ex-offenders possess on leaving the prison service
  • Identify the type/types of social enterprise which will best suit their skills base and the needs of the community
  • Identify potential income streams for such enterprise

Invitation to Tender

Following constructive initial discussions SDCP now wishes to commission a feasibility study to establish the basis for a viable project in this area. SDCP therefore invites tenders from suitably qualified and experienced individuals or organisations to conduct this research project.

SDCP intends to award the contract in Mid May 2019; the successful bidder will be required to submit the completed feasibility study by end of September 2019.

The successful bidder will be required to submit evidence of compliance with Tax clearance certification requirements.


Submissions shall comprise:

  • Proposed methodology, outlining the bidders intended approach to delivering the required elements of the study (including specific steps and timescales)
  • The name, experience, qualification and proposed role of any individual to be involved in completing the study
  • The proposed service fee, providing a clear breakdown of:
    • The daily payment rate and proposed number of days required by each individual involved in undertaking the study and
    • A detailed breakdown of any additional costs
    • A current tax clearance number

It is estimated that the number of consultancy days will be in the region of 24 days. All prices must be quoted in euro and VAT identified separately. No escalation in the service fee will be permitted during the contract period.

Proposals must be received by 12 Noon, 11 April 2019. Submissions must be sent in a sealed envelope,

A copy of the Tender proposal marked “Tender Documents (Feasibility Study)” to the following address:
HR Department, South Dublin County Partnership, Unit D1, Nangor Road Business Park, Nangor Road, Dublin 12

Evaluation Criteria

The evaluation of tenders will be in accordance with the following criteria:

A. Technical Evaluation


Maximum Marks

Proposed Methodology


Relevant experience,  expertise and knowledge of:

  • The Irish Social Enterprise Sector
  • The Irish Prison Service
  • Clear demonstration and understanding of the issues and task being addressed including issues faced by ex-offenders


Evidence that the researchers have

  • Extensive experience in the area (quality of and relevance of previous work)
  • The relevant skills in order to carry out the study
  • The ability to effectively manage and complete the contract within the given timeframe




B. Financial Evaluation

The bid that has the lowest overall price will be awarded the maximum score of 30. Subsequent bids will be scored on a pro-rata basis in relation to the lowest bid

Tender Award

The successful bidder will be determined by combining the Technical evaluation and Financial Evaluation scores to obtain an overall score

Please Note:

SDCP reserves the right not to award the tender if it deems that none of the bids meets its requirements
Following the completion of the evaluation process, bidders will be notified in writing as to whether or not they have been successful. SDCP may withdraw this tender process at any time prior to a written contract being entered into.


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