Southside Partnership DLR: Invitation to Tender for External Supervision / Staff Supports

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Invitation to Tender for External Supervision / Staff Supports

Southside Partnership DLR CLG is now inviting proposals with quotes from suitably qualified individuals/organisations, with particular experience of working with the community and voluntary sector, to submit tender for the provision of External Facilitation / Supervision / Staff Supports for our Local Employment Service. These supports will be provided on a bi monthly basis to our Employment Guidance Team.

Tendering criteria

Southside Partnership DLR CLG’s tendering process is based on the principles of integrity, fairness and value for money. Rather than automatically accepting the lowest price, the tender evaluation process also takes into account quality, experience, methodology and previous performance to ensure value for money.

If selected for work by Southside Partnership DLR CLG, the final price agreed will be negotiated at the time through the relevant Programme Manager taking into consideration market factors and the budget available.

Interested Parties should address the following Points in their Tender Document:

Tenders should include a detailed outline of the proposed approach to the work and how it is to be implemented.

Details of the duration of each of the staff support sessions should be included.

Our tendering system recognises providers who have recognised qualifications and / or experience in the areas of Facilitation, Coaching or Mentoring and Community Education / Capacity-building. It is a requirement to include a full CV in your tender application.

Details of the professional and other qualifications of individuals/organisation who will undertake the work must be outlined clearly. The qualifications must be included in the CV which is a required part of the application.

Track Record
Please provide details on previous work undertaken.

It is required to provide information about the Facilitator’s / organisation’s Professional Indemnity Insurance.

Organisation Structure
Please provide details of the organisation’s legal status and a copy of its Health and Safety Policy

Training Costs & Tax Compliance
Tenders must include a detailed breakdown of all costs, expenses and other incidentals. As this is a training initiative, VAT does not apply. A current tax clearance certificate is a mandatory requirement.

The contract period will run from March 2019 to December 2019
The provision of these services will be subject to appropriate funding being secured by Southside Partnership DLR CLG.

Tendering Costs
Southside Partnership DLR CLG will accept no responsibility for any costs incurred in formulating or presenting proposals.

Payment for all services covered by the contract issued to the successful tenderer(s) will be based on receipt of appropriate invoices.


The tendering process will be managed by Southside Partnership DLR CLG. The successful tenderer will be required to provide two references from suitably sized organisations for which they have carried out similar projects.

Two hard copies of the tender, clearly marked ‘Tender’ on the envelope, must be submitted by 5pm on Friday 22nd March 2019 to:

Southside Partnership Local Employment Service
137 Monkstown Farm
Dun Laoghaire
Co. Dublin

For queries please contact Lisa Walsh, Manager, Southside Partnership Local Employment Service, at or phone (01) 284 1977.


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