Tyrrelstown Development Group: Tender for Research Project

Tender for Research Project commissioned by the Tyrrelstown Development Group (TDG), Tyrrelstown, D15

Research project title: “An analysis of issues of most concern to the community of Tyrrelstown in D15, Greater Blanchardstown“


The Tyrrelstown Development Group (TDG) was established in 2007 as a local action group to push for the development of community facilities in the Tyrrelstown neighbourhood ion north-west Dublin. The TDG commissioned the only existing needs analysis report for the Tyrrelstown estate, in conjunction with Fingal County Council and Blanchardstown Area Partnership in 2008. In the intervening years, both the 2011 and 2016 National Census of Population took place and much demographic and social change has occurred in the Tyrrelstown area. The TDG, comprising over 10 local groups and agencies working in the area is now commissioning a current needs analysis/ “liveability” study for the area.


The overall aim of this research is to identify the issues that are of most concern to the people living, working and volunteering in the Tyrrelstown estate and community. The findings of the research will inform the work plan of the TDG and of the individual partners who comprise the group. It is envisaged that a report, with findings, conclusion and recommendations will be produced as a result of this work.


  • To name the issues of most concern to the community living in the research area
  • To analyse the issues and provide detail on the scope or range of the issue (i.e. how many people are affected?), frequency (i.e. how often the issue occurs), duration (how long has it been going on?).
  • To examine the root causes of the issues
  • To develop action steps to address the issues
  • To provide a range of interagency /collaborative service delivery recommendations to effectively address the issues identified.
  • To identify the strengths in the local community
  • To facilitate the local community to identify potential solutions to any issues raised and any factors that may inhibit efforts

The research will involve a number of elements:

  1. Desk Research: A social-economic profile of the estate and community will be undertaken which will inform the final report.
  2. Community Consultation: Consult with the local community / unheard voices and key stakeholders. Consideration could be given to innovative research techniques such as mobile walking interviews to get a real sense of the issues arising in the community. A link up with the TU Dublin accredited course, “Leadership in an Intercultural Community” currently underway in Tyrrelstown Community Centre is desirable.
  3. Report: the final report should provide a detailed analysis of the key issues of concern to the community in the research area. This report should come with findings, conclusion and recommendations which will provide detailed action steps for addressing issues that include collaborative service delivery and resources needed.


The Project Manager will oversee the day-to-day management of the project and is the key point of contact for the Consultant. The Research Sub Group (a sub group of TDG) has responsibility for overseeing the research and will meet at key points during the process.

The Consultant will be expected to:

  • Lead the research in consultation with the Project Manager and agree the framework and process to be applied including timetable of events.
  • Deliver tasks as outlined.
  • Produce a report outlining the issues of concern together with in depth analysis and implementation plan.
  • Present the report and research findings to the Tyrrelstown Development Group (TDG).

The research area is the estate of Tyrrelstown (total population 6,628 – 2016 Census of Population) including the adjoining schools and community centre.


In undertaking this research, the consultants will need to engage with a range of stakeholders in the Tyrrelstown area. This will include a stratified sample of representatives of identified groups of residents in Tyrrelstown plus representatives from the community/voluntary sector, statutory sector, local development etc. Evening work will be required to get a good response from people who are working during the day and who live in the area. It is expected that community development principles be followed throughout the research process. A link to the national community development standards can be found at http://communityworkendorsement.com/community-work-development/

The approach adopted by the consultants should utilise a combination of research methods (mixed method research) utilising both qualitative and quantitative approaches. Consideration should be given to research methods such as door to door consultation, focus groups, survey questionnaires, face to face interviews etc.
A description of what efforts will be taken to ensure a representative sample is important to include.


The successful applicant must be in a position to begin on the work immediately. The research should be completed by autumn 2019.

Terms of Payment

There is up to €10,000 available for this research.

Payments will be made 28 days after receipt of invoice. If at any stage during the research the agreed level of quality of research is not adhered to, payment will be withheld.

The following payment schedule is proposed:

  • One third to be paid on signing the contract.
  • One third to be paid on receipt of the draft report.
  • One third to be paid on receipt of the final report.

Monitoring of project

Regular progress reporting will be agreed with the project manager.


Proposals should include:

  • A detailed description of the proposed methodological approach
  • A proposed work plan programme, including a detailed timetable of events.
  • Outline structure for the final report.
  • Cost breakdown, outlining daily rate, number of days allocated, purpose of days, any additional costs, e.g. travel, VAT etc.
  • An up-to-date tax clearance certificate
  • Proof of appropriate insurance
  • Name of person responsible for the fulfilment of the contract
  • Most recent Curriculum Vitae, including contact information for two referees with whom the person tendering has provided a similar focus.

It should be noted that subcontracting is not allowed. The lowest priced quote will not necessarily be awarded the contract

Closing date for receipt of proposals:
The deadline for receipt of completed proposals is 4pm on Friday 29th March 2019.
Proposals received after the closing date will not be considered. Enquires by email to Rafe Costigan -- rafe.costigan@fingal.ie

Proposals should be sent to:
Tyrrelstown Development Group c/o Tyrrelstown Community Centre, Hollywood Rath, Holbstown Road, Tyrrelstown, D15 – info@tyrrelstowncc.ie


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