Safe Home Ireland: Tender for External Auditors - 2019

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Tender for External Auditors – 2019

Safe Home Ireland is inviting tenders for our annual audit. The successful firm/individual will carry out the audit for the financial year ending 31st December 2019. The situation thereafter will be reviewed annually at Safe Home Ireland AGM.

Safe Home Ireland – Who we are

Established in 2000, Safe Home Ireland is a Registered Charity with head offices at St. Brendan’s Village, Mulranny, Westport, Co. Mayo. The Company is registered as Safe Home Programme CLG and trading as Safe Home Ireland.

Our Vision
To ensure that anyone considering returning or moving to Ireland is given every opportunity to make an informed decision

Our Mission
To act as the link for Irish emigrants both at home and abroad by providing advice, information, guidance and supports for those seeking permanent repatriation, as well as those who chose to stay in their adopted country.

Safe Home Ireland – what we do

The following are the main aspects of our day to day work

  • We provide an information and advice service to anyone (regardless of age or circumstances) who may be contemplating returning or moving to Ireland.
  • We assist qualifying older Irish born emigrants to return to secure accommodation in Ireland. We liaise with Housing Associations in Ireland to explore appropriate secure housing options for qualifying older Irish emigrants seeking to return to social housing.
  • As part of our outreach work, where it is feasible we carry out home visits with Safe Home housing applicants throughout the UK. We meet with them in their own homes, go through the application process with them in detail, answer any questions they may have and assess their situation.
  • We provide an outreach and advocacy service to people who have returned home who need assistance with their resettlement and integration in Ireland. This could include assistance with paperwork involved in applying for their rights and entitlements as well as signposting them on to other relevant support agencies that may be of assistance.

Please see Tender Document for External Auditors – 2019 attached below for more details.

An electronic tender should be send to Safe Home Ireland CEO, Karen McHugh no later than 5pm on Monday 4th March 2019.


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