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Invitation to join a panel of mentors for the delivery of the Northside Partnership’s Enterprise Model and to support Social Enterprises.


The Northside Partnership catchment area is a vibrant community that provides excellent opportunities for social and recreational activities, education, employment and services. As part of our Enterprise and Employment Programme we want to increase local employment opportunities and promote self-employment whilst also supporting the further development of Social Enterprises.

Self-employment offers long term unemployed people a pathway to economic independence and social inclusion in the absence of employment opportunities. Self-employment impacts positively on the community by creating employment and as the venture expands, the possibility of creating further employment for those in the community.

The current self-employment supports offered to our clients aims to promote inclusion, and we work with individuals on any challenges or skills gap they may currently have and to start their own businesses. We provide one-to-one support and guidance to those clients. This support continues for the first two years following start-up of business. Individuals are given the opportunity to attend information sessions, modular workshops on topics of interest and accredited Training in “Starting Your Own Business” to equip clients with the skills and knowledge to support them in starting and ongoing management and development of their business. Further opportunities will be made available via Enterprise networking events to encourage the sharing of expertise and promotion of self-employment.

The Northside Partnership believes social enterprise has huge potential to help local people and communities. We firmly believe social enterprise can be a powerful tool to tackle unemployment and social exclusion.

The partnership is growing its understanding of, and, support to social enterprise’s and have worked with the local business community and state bodies to set up social enterprises which we aim to develop further.

This varied expertise for both the development of Social Enterprise and self-employment is not always available to individuals therefore the Northside Partnership is committed to building a panel of professional specialists in these areas to support others to positively develop their business.

Expertise required:

  • Creating Business Plans
  • Company Legal Structures
  • Strategy development
  • Financial Management/Cashflow
  • Taxation for small businesses
  • Revenue and ROS service
  • Sales
  • Risk Management
  • Guidance on key characteristics of being a successful entrepreneur
  • Digital Marketing & Product Promotion
  • Human Resources
  • GDPR
  • Social Innovation
  • Leadership skills
  • Business Modelling & Lean start-up
  • Operations & Project management
  • Self-management & productivity
  • Fundraising & tendering
  • Building & managing teams
  • Product and process development

The role

  • As a mentor, Northside Partnership would engage your expertise for a defined period of time or number of sessions.
  • During these sessions, the mentor would work directly with the clients starting their own businesses and Social Enterprises, based in the Northside Partnership catchment area, on a defined work package providing training and support on one or multiple of the key points listed.
  • As required, and agreed in principal, deliver some training during the evening .
  • Mentors selected from our panel would work as a contractor to the Northside Partnership and will adhere to all contractual obligations through a contractor’s agreement.

Invitation to join panel of mentors

Experienced and empathetic professionals interested in joining our panel of mentors to potentially work with and support our Enterprise clients are invited to submit the following, via email to by 10:00am on Friday 25th of January.

  • Expression of interest, outlining your area(s) of specialisation
  • CV
  • Company Registration number
  • Tax Clearance Access Number
  • Tax Reference Number or PPS Number

Please note that, depending on the environment in which work with local groups takes place, mentors may be required to undergo Garda Vetting through Northside Partnership.

Any queries can be directed to Niamh McTiernan, Director of Services, Northside Partnership -


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