Familibase: Website / Logo / Social Media Development Tender

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Website / Logo / Social Media Development Tender

Tender Return Date: 12th of December 2018

Return Tender to:

Ballyfermot Centre for Children Young People & Families T/A Familibase
Blackditch Road
Dublin 10

Email: info@familibase.ie

All Queries regarding this tender should be directed to the contact details above:

General Instructions

Competed tender submission should be returned by email or post to be received no later than the 12th of December 2018

Applicants are asked to read and understand the needs of the tender fully before responding and that any queries be directed to Ciara O’Regan.

  1. Intention of web strategy development

    • Provide a community based website that is inclusive for all stakeholders/shareholders of the organisation.
    • Allow management of social media through the website.
    • Allow those using the centre to view availability and book online.
    • Allow staff to remotely use intranet for easy access of documents and systems
  2. About the Company

FamiliBase is a centre for children, young people, families and the local community in Ballyfermot/Cherry Orchard. FamiliBase delivers evidence based and evidence informed programmes with and for children, young people, parents and families that support development across a number of programme areas. We also work with the local community to support community development initiatives.

FamiliBase works in collaboration with children, young people, parents, families and providers of child, youth and family related organisations/services to deliver a range of preventative, intervention and harm reduction strategies across a full continuum of service delivery. FamiliBase does this to ensure the best possible outcomes for the children, young people and parents of Ballyfermot.

  1. Functionality Requirement of Website

    • Event Booking
    • Ability to view each room layout available before booking
    • For internal staff to be able to block out unavailable times
    • Events Calendar
    • Allow identified staff to update and maintain the site
    • Content Management System must be open source
    • Image Carousel
    • Contact Us
    • Site Map
    • Gallery of Images
    • Integration with Social Media
    • Mobile Friendly / Responsive Design
    • Intranet for documents and systems
  2. Search Engine Optimisation

    • Friendly URLs
    • Automated breadcrumbs
    • Editable metadata on each page
    • Generate XML site map for Google Webmaster
    • Google Analytics
  3. Objective of the website

    • Provide a site that is functional and easy to use for all stakeholders/shareholders
    • Booking of Rooms
    • Events Calendar
    • Ability to get an overview of what the organisation is about
    • Gallery of Images / Video to showcase the Centre
    • Allow people to contact the centre easily
    • Showcase the services on offer within the organisation
  4. Graphic Design/Logo

    • The site must comply with existing identity/branding and colour schemes where possible
    • We are happy to take advice and suggestion on how this might differ or be changed to improve the site and back up the other criteria specified.
  5. Rounds of Changes allowed

    • Give details of the rounds of changes allowed
  6. Maintenance, Training & Support

    • Please include in your quote the price for training our staff in using/managing website
    • Please include in your quote the price for Website user manuals, including the SEO and eCommerce elements.
    • Please include in your quote any training you can offer in maximising the use of the website and/or social media to increase the profile of the organisation
  7. Copyright Issues

    • Ownership of assets including the content and imagery is in sole ownership of the Familiase
    • The system must be on an open source system
  8. Hosting and Domain Requirements

    • Details of hosting and renewals
    • Location of hosting servers and company providing the service
  9. Reference Sites

    • Please included reference sites of similar work
  10. Time Frame

    • We envisage a period of 6 to 8 weeks from signing of project agreement to completion.
  11. Company Information

    • Name of company, contact person, phone number, email
    • Place of business and postal address
    • Tax Clearance Cert
  12. Proposed Team

    • Provide details of each person who will work on this project – name, role, qualification and relevant experience.
  13. Fee Structure

    • Design Costs
    • Commissioning or Start-up Costs
    • 3rd Party Costs Incurred
    • Ongoing support and maintenance cost per annum, applicable for the FIRST year
  14. Decision Process

    • Tenders will be short listed. Winning tender will be contacted on the Monday the 17th of December 2018


Dublin 10

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