Curam Healthcare: Focussed Care Worker (Part-Time)

Curam Healthcare

Job Title: Focussed Care Worker

Closing Date: Weds 25th Sept 2019

Location of Post: Summerhill Family Practice


Focused Care has been borne out of a response that in primary care many people come with problems and issues that cannot be solved in 10 minutes with a GP. Often problems manifest themselves in medical ways and solving the problems behind the problems brings significant change. At Primary Care the most vulnerable are often the most invisible to the system, Focused Care aims to turn this round and reverse the inverse care law so that the most vulnerable become the most visible.
This role is hugely rewarding and involves working with patients and their whole household to unpick the complexity and find real solutions. You will need to be passionate about seeing change, creative in finding solutions in complex situations, have excellent skills at building relationships both with patients, staff members and other agencies. You will have good networking skills and be able to bring together statutory and third sector agencies in finding solutions.

Job Summary:

  • To manage own caseload of complex and vulnerable cases, appropriately referred from GPs and other members of the team.
  • To assess needs of patients and families in complex/vulnerable situations and to work as an advocate to develop effective care plans in partnership with the families, to ensure that these needs can be met.
  • To help the Practice develop new ways of working to deliver whole person healthcare to patients, families and within the community.
  • To build strong relationships between the Practice and other statutory bodies, voluntary organisations and the community.
  • To pro-actively seek to develop the community capability, in order to offer community as well as practice solutions, to meet the health needs of individual patients and their families.

Reporting Relationship: You will report to the GPs in the primary care practice

Principle duties and responsibilities:

  • To attend multi-disciplinary practice meetings.
  • To prepare relevant reports based on assessment and case findings.
  • To ensure good communications between agencies and attend multi-agency meetings where appropriate.
  • To work transparently and in such a way that any further focused care workers can easily take on this role.
  • To access clinical supervision regularly in order to maintain gold standard of practice and care.
  • To ensure record keeping complies with practice, NMC or other professional standards and child protection guidelines: to initiate and maintain a gold standard of records which is accessible to the relevant agencies within patient confidentiality guidelines.
  • To maintain accurate, confidential and up-to-date documentation on all cases of safeguarding and child protection and report where required.
  • Encourage GP practice staff to have increased awareness of households (including adults and children) who may be in need of safeguarding of have additional vulnerability
  • When working with adults complete the Initial assessment on all adults, which provides a structure that identifies adults who may be at risk.
  • To work in line with all practice policy and procedures

Eligibility criteria:

You will need to have a background in a relevant health or social field, being a nurse, health visitor, social worker, probation worker, or having a youth work background. The qualification is less important than your desire and ability to work autonomously, safely and with a huge passion to bring change and social justice.

Skills, competencies, qualifications and knowledge:


  • Excellent skills at building relationships with patients, GPs, staff members and other agencies
  • “Can-do” practical attitude and ability to think outside the box.
  • Ability to work in line within HSE, company and practice policies and procedures, and with your line manager and local team.
  • Desire and ability to work autonomously, safely, and manage own caseload
  • Be proactive in developing caseload and pulling together support package for patients.
  • Understand importance of accurate and timely documentation, confidentiality and safe information sharing.
  • Current driving licence, business insurance and own car
  • DBS Check to be completed on successful application
  • Two agreeable references


  • Professional qualification and/or extended experience in health or social field, being a nurse, health visitor, social worker, probation worker, youth worker background.
  • Good knowledge and understanding of IT systems and note recording
  • Experience and understanding of Safeguarding
  • Understanding and appreciation of the role of the community and voluntary sector.
  • Experience or knowledge of the Inner city Dublin area.
  • Interest in developing and/or contributing to research in the concept of Focussed Care.


Fixed term over 12 months. At the conclusion of which we intend to do a review of how effective providing this role in a family practise. The outcome of the evaluation exercise will then determine how we go forward on a more permanent basis with this role

  • Remuneration Starting Salary prorated, in accordance with HSE Salary Guidelines for Salary Care worker grade.
  • Min 19153, Max 27370

Starting point will determined based upon the level of experience of successful candidate

Working week: 3 days per week

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