Portobello Institute: Development Coordinator

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Title: Development Coordinator

Department: Admissions

Reporting to: Managing Director / Director of Enrolment


Portobello Institute is committed to providing and developing educational courses to meet the challenges of an increasingly diverse student base and demanding workplace. The purpose of the institute is to make education accessible to students who have an interest in the sectors we service.

We believe through the superior support mechanisms we have in place, our students can achieve their personal best, making a dream career or further study opportunity a reality.

We do this by small classes and treating each student as an individual. We employ programme management and delivery teams who believe what we do and will go the extra mile to support a student to achieve their desired goal. We build strong connections with our industry partners and employers and offer students valuable practical insight and work placements in their chosen sectors. We operate with honesty, integrity and transparency with our validating partners to ensure a strong belief in the professionalism and credibility of our academic management.

Portobello Institute’s positioning in the market is a premier position and therefore all communication, touchpoints with current, future and past pupils, engagement with validating bodies, industry connections and associations must reflect this position.

Understanding the core elements of award, support, learning outcomes, work experience, assessment strategy and graduate success stories for each programme within their portfolio is essential for the success of the role of Development Coordinator. Engaging with potential students to understand their needs and how the programme portfolio with Portobello Institute can best meet those needs is key. Development Coordinator’s provide this information accurately, in a communication style that is empathetic to the ambitions and fears of the potential student.

This role is primarily about creating, building, and maintaining relationships and generating opportunities within the sector. It will be contacting creches and Montessori settings, liaising with potential students both currently working in the sector as well as school leavers, attending events and open evenings to answer questions about the opportunities available through different educational paths, etc. By keeping in close contact with your program manager, you will stay up to date on changes to the sector, and by giving them feedback that you receive from students, you will help them to make positive changes to the program when required. A positive attitude is vital with the ability to communicate to all levels of the organisation.



  • Develop and drive short, mid and long-term strategy to increase admissions volumes in accordance with the strategic direction.
  • Actively engage with potential students, education and training boards, governing bodies, as well as private businesses in the sector through email, inbound and outbound calls and in person to understand their needs and wants, with the aim of maximising admissions opportunities. Carefully manage leads, opportunities, contact details, and other necessary aspects of good record keeping and data protection.


  • Identify key competitors and carry out regular competitor analysis to include programme offering, promotional offers and pricing.
  • Review admissions data including conversion levels with comparisons of historic admissions data.
  • Ensure the Institute has a strong presence at schools’ exhibitions and open days/evenings and that all opportunities are maximised at these events.


  • Ensure website contains relevant up to date schedule information rolling for 3 months at a time. Contribute to social media initiatives, offering content, insight, and feedback to relevant topics.
  • Gather key student information through pro-active engagement with students.
  • Report and recommend adjustments to strategy based on information acquired.


  • Contribute to the identification of market opportunities, future programme vision and go to market strategy.
  • Engage closely with the Director of Enrolment, the Managing Director, the College Director, the marketing and enrolment team and programme managers to assess viability and to help determine the best implementation methods as well as a reasonable timeline for delivery of new programmes.

Customer Service

  • Ensure the reputation of the Institute is maintained to a high standard during customer interactions & correspondence.
  • Ensure all students queries are handled efficiently and professionally.
  • Ensure all phone calls are answered in a timely manner.
  • Ensure that you are aware of all current classes, student numbers and schedules for upcoming classes.
  • Handle and report any student or tutor difficulties that may arise.
  • Assist in answering general enquiries, student interviews and open information days.
  • Follow through on any requests made by internal or external customers.
  • Manage complaints through to completion.
  • Manage admissions through to completion.


  • Report all critical issues to management and keep them informed.
  • Manage and supervise all tasks delegated by management.
  • Attend regular meetings and give report on all respective responsibilities.



  • The ability to act creatively and be forward thinking to anticipate potential opportunities and adapt to changing circumstances.
  • Self-driven cold calls and outbound emails to private settings, educational training boards, governing bodies, as well as past students.
  • The need to show high levels of confidence in your own ability to complete a task and finding effective solutions.

Customer Service:

  • A desire to help or serve the enrolment process, focusing your efforts on discovering and meeting a potential student’s needs.
  • Offering appropriate and honest advice in how our programmes meet the needs of potential students.
  • Learning past student stories to be able and willing to relay them to future students who are in relatable situations.
  • Follow up with every lead, every potential student, every business enquiry in a timely manner. If unable, ensure that precautions and redundancies are in place to make sure that someone is aware and able to follow up on your behalf.


  • The ability to communicate with others in a manner that conveys the key message and is appropriate to the audience.
  • Be proactively able and willing to communicate.
  • Present factual-correct information effectively, both orally and in written form.
  • Proof-read any and all external emails before sending.
  • Be a persuasive communicator with call to actions enclosed.

Team Work:

  • This role demands the ability to work well and cooperate with others as part of a team within the admissions department.
  • Coordination and good communication between team members is paramount.

Expert Knowledge:

  • Must have extraordinary knowledge of changes in policy within the sector.
  • Ideally will have worked within the sector for a first-hand account of circumstances and for improved relatability.
  • Previous experience in a similar role, an advantage.

To Apply: Please send your CV and cover letter to: info@portobelloinstitute.ie


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