Enclude: Chief Executive Officer



POSITION: Chief Executive Officer

REPORTING TO: The Chairperson of the Board

LOCATION: 120 Drumcondra Road Upper, Dublin 9


Enclude is an Irish charity which enables charities to achieve greater impact through digital transformation. We provide appropriate and cost-effective IT consultancy, services and solutions to non-profits to allow them achieve their goals and increase their impact. Enclude’s current mission is to grow in scale, scope, impact and influence. It is seeking a new Chief Executive Officer to lead the organisation in this mission.


  • Lead Enclude in designing, creating and implementing successful Information Systems (IS) strategies to meet non-profit sectoral, sub-sectoral and client needs in order to increase social impact thus reducing poverty and social exclusion in society.
  • Deliver on the Board’s strategy and assist in the development and implementation of future strategy.
  • Ensure the continued ability of Enclude to provide IS solutions, implementation, support and guidance to the non-profit sector, non-profit sub-sectors and our charity clients to measurably increase their social impact.
  • Ensure that the on-going operational management of Enclude is carried out to the highest standards.
  • Develop Enclude’s culture and overall vision and ensure participation of, and agreement by, staff and stakeholders with Enclude’s direction


  • Provide a well-run, highly effective management of Enclude, including continuous improvement based on review, reflection and learning.
  • Diversify and increase our income base, by growing Enclude’s reach beyond Ireland and seeking funding opportunities from government grants, philanthropy and foundations.
  • Strengthen and develop our relationships with key bodies, including supervisory, regulatory at the national and EU level, and individuals and advocate for change.
  • Follow up effectively on our first strategic impact assessment including using it to communicate and advocate for increased recognition.
  • Focus on ongoing delivery of strategically orientated services and products.


  • Co-ordinating and managing all aspects of Enclude’s work.
  • Putting in place annual operational plans that will deliver on strategic imperatives and actions.
  • Developing and maintaining relationships with key funding agencies and others which ensure their ongoing support and commitment to Enclude’s mission.
  • Developing, implementing and monitoring financial plans and budgets, in conjunction with the Finance Manager.
  • Monitor and manage asset and capital allocation and usage.
  • Being aware of and ahead of the curve regarding information management and application to the not for profit sector, that will increase effectiveness and impact.
  • Recruiting and managing the senior staff.
  • Performing the duties of the Company Secretary role.
  • Reporting and being accountable to board in Board meetings and other review structures.
  • Providing support and information to the Board to enable it perform its roles and responsibilities.
  • Developing and presenting policy positions on MIS capacity, especially in its capacity to increase service quality and service delivery data, relating to the community and voluntary sector.
  • Representing the organisation to the media and giving interviews and acting as the Enclude’s official spokesperson
  • Carrying out other duties as are required from time to time.

Education, Knowledge, Skills and Experience


  • Higher education appropriate to high level complex management. Substantial experience may substitute for qualification.
  • Senior management experience in a substantial organisation.
  • Experience with the non-profit sector, in either a professional or voluntary capacity.
  • A proven capacity to understand and use MIS systems effectively.
  • Financial and commercial astuteness and diligence in seeking and identifying additional opportunities for income generation.
  • Experience of managing a consultancy type business.
  • Strong networks with tech, business and state agents and bodies.
  • A proven capacity to build and lead a team towards delivery of goals, establish frameworks for holding people to account and foster a high-performing culture.
  • Knowledge of and empathy with Enclude’s culture and ethos.
  • Combine integrity and pragmatism with a passionate commitment to Enclude, its mission, vision and values.
  • Excellent communication, influencing and negotiating skills, both written and oral.


  • Expertise at strategic technology level i.e. management information systems.
  • Degree level qualification in Computer Engineering or Computer Science.
  • Experience of designing and implementing CRM type database technology.
  • A track record of building, implementing and delivering strategic vision.
  • Experience with business development, especially with developing relationships with government agencies.
  • Financially literate with a proven record of strategic, operational and financial planning.
  • Knowledge of service provision in the charity and/or not-for-profit sectors.
  • Experience of working with and reporting to Trustees/Boards.

Personal Abilities


  • Have the passion, positivity, dynamism and courage to lead Enclude forward and take the risks needed to reach its potential.
  • Have a capacity to live the spirit, culture and passionate self-giving associated with Enclude.
  • Be tenacious, resilient, enthusiastic, agile and flexible with a results focused approach.
  • Value integrity, responsibility, and accountability.


  • Excellent emotional intelligence and interpersonal skills, with the ability to build positive, effective relationships with a wide range of internal and external stakeholders.
  • Enjoy communications with external parties.
  • Able to communicate Enclude’s technology vision.
  • Able to assist with product and service sales.
  • Have the resilience to take on the challenges, and resistance to change, in and outside the sector, to our charity to charity delivery model.
  • Able to promote an interdisciplinary approach to align Information Systems with charity management reality.


  • Well organised and inspirational manager – an effective delegator and team-worker.
  • Decisive, able to make decisions and carry through on them.
  • Multitasker who can allocate tasks while ensuring delivery of strategy and service.
  • Able to identify and address problems/issues/concerns/gaps and opportunities.
  • Create a working environment that promotes excellent performance.

Contract: Permanent, full-time position

Salary: €65k

Deadline: 17th February 2020 or until position is filled

Location: Dublin

All applicants should have the legal right to live and work in Ireland before applying for this position.

Please submit a CV with a cover letter indicating your suitability for the role and motivation for applying to recruitment@enclude.ie

Enclude is an equal opportunities employer.



Dublin 9

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