MOVE Ireland: Contract for the provision of Partner Contact Support Services Kerry

MOVE Ireland

Contract for the provision of Partner Contact Support Services Kerry

MOVE Ireland (Men Overcoming Violence) is a national voluntary organisation working in the area of domestic violence. The organisation supports the safety and wellbeing of women and their children who are experiencing or have experienced violence/abuse in their intimate relationships, by providing a group-work intervention programme for men who perpetrate this violence and want to change their behaviour.

Partner Support

Providing support to the partners of the men on the programme is an essential component of our work. All current and/or ex-partners of men who are accepted on to the programme are offered support whilst the programme is ongoing. The Partner Support Worker provides this support through face to face contact and/or telephone support. The purpose of the support is to ensure that current or ex-partners are aware of the content of the programme material and that they remain safe and supported whilst their ex or current partner is on the programme. The support is provided independently to the women however the partner contact service is required to work closely with the facilitators working with the men to ensure the safety and well-being of the women and children involved.

This will be an exciting opportunity for someone with experience in supporting women who have experienced domestic violence.

For more information about MOVE Ireland, please contact Brenda Sheehan at the address below or go to


  1. Offer support to (ex) partners of men who have been accepted on to the CHOICES programme delivered by MOVE Ireland. (where appropriate support may be offered to a previous partner);
  2. Continue to offer support to (ex) partners up to 3 months after the man has left the Choices programme;
  3. Offer a level of support, agreed with the (ex) partner consisting of face to face and/or telephone support. It is recognised that the level of support will vary depending on the woman’s circumstances;
  4. The key areas of support are outlined as follows;
    • Provide (ex)partners with information about the CHOICES programme;
    • Undertake an assessment of the (ex)partners situation and history to inform MOVE Ireland’s ongoing risk assessment of the man whilst on the programme;
    • Complete a safety plan with each woman accepted on to the service;
    • Provide information about other relevant sources of help available
    • Outline to the Partner how the out of hours support arrangements will operate
  5. Liaise with the facilitators of the CHOICES programme and the local MOVE Coordinator in relation to the progress of the man on the programme and the safety and well-being of the (ex) partner and children, which will include;
    • A Partner Contact/Facilitator meeting at a minimum, every 4 weeks
    • Ongoing telephone communication as appropriate
  6. Be contactable on the evening of the CHOICES programme in the event of concerns arising from sessions which may affect the health and well-being of the (ex) partner;
  7. Participate in any evaluation about the impact of the CHOICES programme on the men attending from the (ex)partners perspective;
  8. Participate in any evaluation about the impact of the partner contact support service provided to the women.


The MOVE programme operates out of Tralee. All meetings with facilitators will take place in Tralee


  • We are looking for someone who has a Professional qualification in either social care / counselling or equivalent and a minimum of 2 years (full-time) experience in supporting women on a one to one basis, who have experienced domestic violence.
  • Someone who has 5 years recent experience in supporting women on a one to one basis, who have experienced domestic violence in a full-time capacity.

The successful provider will be required to have their own personal indemnity insurance and be self employed.

Scope and volume of work

It is very difficult to state accurately, the level of work involved in providing this service. In 2018, 6 women were supported. The level of support varied from a frequent face to face meetings, weekly telephone check-in, or lengthy telephone support.

Fees and Payment Terms

The successful Provider shall be entitled to a set fee of €7,000 per annum. An initial payment of €4,000 will be paid upon receipt of the signed contract of acceptance. Subsequent payments of €1,000 will be made on a quarterly basis upon receipt of a satisfactory monitoring return in accordance with this agreement.

This fee is in inclusive of all costs incurred to provide the service.

Please forward your cv together with a covering letter by e-mail to by the 27th September.

If you need any further information/clarification please do not hesitate to contact Brenda Sheehan, on 065 6848689

Thank you for your interest in MOVE Ireland.


Tralee, Co Kerry

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