Dublin Simon Community: Primary Care Nurse Coordinator (Housing)

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Minimum job requirements:

  • Minimum 2 years in a paid nursing capacity
  • Minimum 2 year experience is a social care or healthcare setting
  • RGN, RPN, RNID (BSc nursing)
  • Evidence of PIN renewal with NMBI for current year.
  • Full clean drivers licence essential.
  • Understanding of harm reduction models and services
  • Understanding of why people become homeless and their needs.
  • An understanding of the issues around alcohol misuse, drug misuse and related health issues and the needs of groups in the community.
  • Knowledge of harm reduction approaches to alcohol, drug and other addictions.
  • Understanding of mental health, drugs, alcohol and other issues from a nursing context.
  • Knowledge of methadone treatment protocol.

Preferred job requirements:

  • Post grad in Public Health Nursing
  • Masters in Nursing
  • Diploma or degree in addiction studies.
  • Dual Nursing Qualification
  • Needle Exchange training. Naloxone Trainer
  • Cervical screening training, Phlebotomy.
  • Family Planning training
  • Immunisation training
  • Wound Care Management
  • Knowledge of the homeless sector.
  • Knowledge of relevant nursing legislation including FOI, Data Protection, nurse’s act, health and safety act, mental health act.
  • Experience of working with homeless people.
  • Experience of facilitating groups.

All applications will be screened for eligibility using the essential qualifications, experience and skills outlined in the job specification. Only those applicants who possess the required essential criteria will be progressed to the next stage of the selection process.

About the job:

Provide comprehensive, effective and efficient coordination of healthcare to service users accessing Housing services. Deliver primary care nurse led clinics in services. Develop and implement health promotion initiatives to improve health outcomes for service users. Develop referral pathways to ensure service users are gaining access to public health services. As well as our induction program, you will be provided with 10 training days throughout the year, ensuring you have the support and training to succeed in this role. You’ll report to the Primary Care Nurse Manager.


  • To work with the Primary Care Nurse Manager to plan the health care of residents, address gaps and blocks and respond to needs of service accordingly.
  • Maintain a caseload as agreed with Nurse Manager in line with service needs.
  • Record Key Performance Indicators and deliver on targets, demonstrating the health improvements of clients.
  • Conduct basic nursing assessments with clients to establish their health care deficits and refer on as necessary.
  • Deliver training to staff/Clients as indicated by service need and directed by nurse manager eg medication management, sexual health awareness etc.
  • Take bloods as required in services maintaining phlebotomy and venepuncture competence.
  • Attend and contribute to weekly case reviews at each service and address any follow up care that is needed.
  • Work closely with support staff and key workers to ensure the health care needs of clients are met and that the continuity of care is of an optimum standard.
  • To liaise with and develop relationships with key stakeholders and establish and expand on the services available to clients including referrals to ; Public Health Nurses, Physiotherapists, GP’s , Occupational Therapists, Addiction Treatment Services, Mental Health Teams, Hospices etc.
  • Conduct external health service visitations to meet with client and MDT for continuity of care. This can involve arranging MDT meetings, case conferences and discharge planning meetings.
  • Advocate for clients at each part of their health care support plan.
  • Contribute and support the Primary Care Nurse Manager in the development of health promotion initiatives as needed across Housing Services.
  • Support key workers to manage the healthcare needs of a complex caseload of clients with tri morbidity including, mental health, physical health and substance misuse issues.
  • Support and advocate for clients that are at the end stages of their life. Develop individualised nursing care plans for each resident wishing to engage in the End of Life Care Program.
  • Develop individual evidence based nursing care plans for clients in Housing.
  • Liaise with external services for the delivery of home care packages.
  • Support the implementation of Infection Prevention and Control-Standard Precautions Guidelines.
  • To participate in Governance for Quality and Safety initiatives and participating in own professional development.
  • Work across Housing services and attend and contribute to weekly case reviews at each service, addressing any follow up care that is needed.
  • Facilitate nursing clinics weekly and conduct nursing assessments with clients to establish their health care deficits and refer on as necessary.
  • Develop individual nursing care plans for clients and work closely and with teams to deliver outcomes and ensure continuity of care.
  • Deliver and provide basic wound care management and refer on to tissue viability nurse as needed and encourage engagement in public health services.
  • Conduct methadone assessments with service users and liaise with prescribing methadone GP to ensure continued provision of this service
  • Take responsibility for the monthly reporting and highlighting of trends and emerging information relevant to homeless people.
  • Record key performance indicators and deliver on targets, demonstrating the health improvement of those accessing the service.
  • Facilitate groups through an effective health education and promotion programme in order to ensure that service users receive relevant information for making informed decisions about their future.
  • Work within and assist development, implementation and review of policies and procedures in order to ensure quality standards are adhered to in services.
  • Raise purchase orders, store, administer and control medical supplies in line with policies and procedures and in keeping with NMBI guidelines.
  • Complete all administrative tasks such as report writing, data collection, maintenance of accurate nursing and medical records, up to date client case notes, relevant form filling in order to ensure that the service runs smoothly, safely and effectively.

Professional Nursing Competencies

1. Professional/Ethical Practice.

  • Practices in accordance with legislation affecting nursing practice. Practices within the limits of own competence and takes measures to develop own competence.
  • Demonstrates understanding of concept of accountability and to whom responsible
  • Demonstrates understanding of scope of practice. Can articulate how to determine what is and what is not within the individual’s scope
  • Articulate knowledge of code of professional conduct and know main requirements/ aware of importance of confidentiality
  • Articulate actions to be taken in the identification and prevention of unsafe or unprofessional practice

2. Holistic Approaches to care and integration of knowledge.

  • Acts to enhance the health and social well being of individuals. Conducts a systematic holistic assessment of client needs based on nursing theory and evidence based practice in a community setting. Implements and evaluates progress towards expected outcomes.
  • Makes effective use of supervision and a wide range of learning activities to improve /develop knowledge
  • Raises awareness about health and social well being and related factors, services and resources
  • Profiles/identifies the health and social well being needs of DSC clients in supported housing
  • Applies appropriate strategies for screening and referral to appropriate agencies and personnel
  • Initiates plans, co ordinates implements and evaluates health promotion initiatives
  • Promotes creates and maintains a physical, psychosocial environment that promotes security safety and optimal health
  • Develops and maintains appropriate nursing assessments and medical details
  • Establishes and maintains clear and current client records within a legal and ethical framework

3. Interpersonal Relationships

  • Establishes and maintains caring therapeutic interpersonal relationships with clients/staff.
  • Collaborates with all members of the multidisciplinary team and documents relevant information.
  • Communicates sensitively, effectively, professionally in a manner appropriate with persons from diverse cultural, socio economic, educational racial, ethic backgrounds and persons of all ages and lifestyle preferences
  • Is aware of Vulnerable Adults and Children’s First Guidelines
  • Demonstrates effective communication skills in addressing sensitive topics with clients
  • Assists staff, clients to communicate supports required

4. Organisation and Management of Care

  • Effectively manages the nursing care of clients. Facilitates the co ordination of care.
  • Demonstrates leadership, team building, problem solving and negotiation and conflict resolution skills
  • Engages in collaborative practice with other practitioners and agencies
  • Selects and utilises resources effectively and efficiently
  • Changes practice to reflect current best evidence, health care policy
  • Accepts accountability and takes responsibility for the delegation of aspects of practice to others
  • Demonstrates evidence of critical thinking skills. Knows what to do in an emergency
  • Demonstrate knowledge of Infection Control procedures. Can articulate basic principles of prevention of cross infection.
  • Has knowledge of basic health and safety requirements and knows how to prevent risk. Can articulate how to identify hazards e.g. sharps boxes overfilled, needle stick injuries how to prevent not recapping needles etc.
  • Is aware of the basic principles of medication management. Storage/checking procedures and usage of MDA’s

5. Personal and Professional Development

  • Acts to enhance the personal and professional development of self and others
  • Ability to self care
  • Is aware of requirements under the Nurses Act 2011 to maintain competency.
  • Demonstrates a commitment to life long learning.
  • Informs educates and empowers staff/clients to protect, maintain and promote health.
  • Demonstrates experience of managing own mental health and well being.

About us:

At Dublin Simon Community, we are passionate about making home a reality. Our aim is to empower people to access and retain a home by providing housing, prevention, addiction treatment, emergency response and other targeted interventions, through advocacy and partnership. If you share our values and want to make a difference also, come talk to us at Dublin Simon Community. We’re looking for client focused, friendly and adaptable people to join our team. This standard is achieved by organisations that have best practice Human Resource Systems in place, particularly in the area of staff training and development, communication, and staff involvement in the decision making processes in the organisation.

Please note, shortlisting will be in progress throughout the period that the vacancy is live, so you may be called for interview and/or the vacancy may be filled before the closing date.

Note: The duties listed in this job description are not exhaustive and you may be expected to perform other duties as are reasonable in the course of your work with Dublin Simon Community.

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