Cena Community Building Programme: Manager

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Cena Community Building Programme in Labre Park

Cena is a Traveller-led Approved Housing Body. We are committed to working with and for the Traveller community to provide culturally-appropriate homes. We aim to arrive at solutions with Travellers that can be implemented in an effective and sustainable way. Cena have entered into a partnership with Cluid Housing Approved Housing Body in the delivery of a major redevelopment programme with the Traveller community in Labre Park, Ballyfermot, Dublin.

We are now recruiting a Manager to oversee the Cena elements and responsibilities in this partnership.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Agreeing three-year work plan associated with three community-building programmes in Labre Park
  • Overseeing implementation of actions in the work plan
  • Monitoring of progress re local programmes on an ongoing basis as part of joint oversight board (in partnership with Ballyfermot Traveller Action Project)
  • Facilitating review of progress towards achieving higher level goals (notably the establishment of an effective, informed and inclusive voice for the residents of Labre Park in all phases of development and beyond.)
  • Making recommendations for any changes in direction and/or focus on the basis of lessons emerging.
  • Ongoing liaison with Cluid Housing (including coordinating Cena involvement in the planning and construction processes, jointly evaluating effectiveness of partnership arrangements, and engagement around longer-term establishment of partnership arrangements.)
  • Facilitating a working group (with the involvement of Labre Park residents, Cluid, BTAP and DCC) aimed at developing Traveller-appropriate guidelines and protocols to inform effective estate management into the future)
  • Planning and managing ta process whereby learning from this partnership is documented and good practice resources are developed.
  • Liaising with relevant stakeholders nationally (including other AHBs, local authorities, Traveller organisations and projects, the Housing Agency and Department of Environment and Local Government) with a view to expanding the model.
  • Providing ongoing reports to the Cena Coordinator, the Cena Board and Cluid Housing

Essential Requirements:

The successful candidate must have:

  • Proven knowledge and experience in working with the Traveller community.
  • A detailed knowledge of issues and challenges associated with the provision of Traveller accommodation.
  • Experience in Programme Management and review
  • A working knowledge of the policy environment as it relates to provision of Traveller accommodation, as well as an awareness of the range of stakeholder responsibilities within that environment
  • Good communication skills
  • Good facilitation skills


The appointment will be on a full-time three-year contract basis, remuneration terms consistent with prevailing government appointment scales and conditions.


Applicants should send a full copy of CV, together with an expression of interest, to codonovan0@gmail.com

Closing date for applications is Monday 13th May at 12 noon.


Ballyfermot, Dublin 10

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