Financial Services Union: Member Advisor & Digital Organiser

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The Financial Services Union (FSU) is a leading Trade Union representing staff in the financial services sector, with members located in the Republic of Ireland, Northern Ireland and Great Britain. The FSU is determined to build on its proud history, grow its membership and influence in traditional and emerging financial services businesses, so that we can win for workers and their families.

With this in mind, the FSU is seeking to fill 2 positions in our Growth Unit. This is a hugely exciting and challenging opportunity for a professional with a passion and desire to use their skills to achieve fairness at work and in the community.

Member Advisor:

This role will work as part of the industrial relations and campaign team to provide FSU members with a first-class information and advice service that supports members in their workplace. Provide, via telephone/email/other channels, answers to employment/union related queries of members and also encourage non-members to join the Financial Services Union (FSU) for support and advice. Provide first line support and advice to our Sector Committee members representing members in cases. Refer on members to Sector Committee Reps where necessary with clear information and as per a clear workflow. Represent workers in cases including in the WRC/Labour Court and other fora. Develop advice and guidance documentation for workers in the sector and to promote the Union. Help FSU expand our membership into the ‘Greater Financial Services’ working with our industrial relations and campaign team.

Further information about this role please see job description attached below.

Digital Organiser:

The Digital Organiser will be responsible for all communications from the FSU to our members, potential members, stakeholders and others through our online platforms and email communications. They will be responsible for integrating new media strategies into campaigning and industrial relations and ensuring increased member and public engagement with the Union’s various media platforms. They will help to develop online campaigns, frame the message and public narrative of our national campaigns. They will maintain and utilise data from activity as a key contribution to our growth objectives. They will develop content for posting on all designated social media outlets in a planned way. They will report on media and profile engagement.

Further information about this role please see job description attached below.

If you are passionate about justice, fairness and workers’ rights, please apply by emailing: with a cover letter and CV (both in PDF format), outlining your vision for the role.

Closing date: 5pm, Friday 19th April 2019


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