The Good Shepherd Centre Kilkenny: Relief Shift Attendant

Shift Attendant

Job Title: Relief Shift Attendant
Responsible To: Service Manager of GSCK
Works With: All staff
Location: Good Shepherd Centre

Purpose of the Post

The purpose of the post is to assist the Service to provide safe secure accommodation and support to homeless service users. To provide an efficient and high quality service through engaging with people who are homeless in their identified support needs.

Environment of the Post

GSCK provides emergency accommodation for up to 24 residents (emergency), 8 transitional and one family emergency. The services are low threshold in nature.

Guidance and Authority

The post holder will report to the Service Manager. Supervision will be provided. The Service Manager reports to a General Manager.
The post holder will work each shift as assigned, informed by and in accordance with service policies and individual care/support plans. The post holder will be expected to act in a way that is consistent with decisions made by project workers and as directed by the manager.
The post holder will be expected to participate on occasion in team meetings, supervision and in internal and external training when required. The post holder will at all times operate in a professional manner maintaining a high quality standard of work, and to always work in accordance with aims, values and ethos of GSCK.

Principal Accountabilities & Key Indicators

Practical Needs

  • To ensure the practical needs of the service users are met, by providing support to service users through activities relevant to their individual care/support plan, sustaining their accommodation and in their development of Healthy Life Skills positively.
  • To assist with personal care as appropriate and when required.
  • Engage with and build positive working relationships with residents.
  • Carry out tasks delegated: through care/support plans; as needs arise and as assigned.


  • To provide a safe and secure environment for both service users and staff.
  • To carry out security and health and safety inspection both inside and outside the hostel.
  • To arranges transport of service users in time of emergency (i.e. medical needs).
  • To restrict access from unauthorised visitors.
  • To ensure the safety of visitors and residents at all times.
  • To work as part of a 24/7 roster and/or as agreed with line management.

Record Keeping

  • To keep up to date records on all service users. Including use of PASS/HSE Data Return and other GSCK records.
  • To ensure that all reports are correct and completed and that a written handover is given to oncoming staff.
  • To complete reports as required by the Service Manager.
  • Ensure all written work is completed using evidence based practice.


  • To liaise with all outside agencies on behalf of the service users (i.e. Gardaí, HSE, etc) and the service as required.
  • Have the ability to work as part of a team, but also on their own initiative.

Crisis Management

  • To have the ability to deal with and resolve difficult situations, when they arise, in a calm and professional manner.
  • To work in a manner to minimise risk
  • To identify risk situations and take appropriate action
  • Conduct & document Substance Affective Observation Checklist and provide appropriate interventions.
  • Using proven crisis management techniques and following policy and procedures to ensure safety and relationships are maintained.

Health and Safety

  • To carry out all health and safety inspections and fire drills as scheduled.
  • To make sure that all health and safety and fire regulations are being adhered to while on shift.
  • To be responsible while on shift, such as in the evenings, at weekends and at night, for the overall care of both the service users and the building.
  • Ensuring follow up of maintenance needs.

Policy and Procedure

  • To ensure all policies and procedures are adhered to.
    To continually reassess the operational risks inherent in the business, taking account of changing economic or market conditions, legal and regulatory requirements, operating procedures and practices and any impact of management restructures/new technology.
  • By addressing any areas of concern in conjunction with line management and or the appropriate department/function.


The role requires the job holder to deal with sensitive and confidential matters requiring empathy and the ability to deal with changing priorities in a pragmatic and measured manner.
At times you will be required to work with service users presenting with challenging behaviours.
You will be required to work on shift generally as part of a two person team.
You may be required to assist the residents in their personal care duties, and will consequently need to ensure it is done in a respectful and dignified manner.

Other information

This is a 24/7 service. Working hours may require the post holder to work weekends, nights, and public holidays. Occasionally you may also be required to work at short notice in the event of an emergency. Post holder on occasions may be required to attend training/meetings at other locations e.g. regionally within the South East.

Duties and Responsibilities:

  • To comply with all policies and procedures and to adhere to the ethos of GSCK. You have an obligation to familiarise yourself with these policies and procedures during induction.
  • Work as part of a team in creating and maintaining a safe and caring environment for all service users In GSCK.
  • Provide a non-directive support and advocacy service to service users. Do not engage in a counselling process.
  • Promote service user participation and social interaction of clients/residents with the community. Support and follow the behavioural care/support plans as developed by Project Workers.Support clients/residents, where requested and as appropriate on general appointments as part of care/support plans. Act as an advocate for service users as appropriate.
  • Support service users and strive to promote and provide a safe environment.
  • Be responsible for the supervision of GSCK while on duty. Under no circumstances must an employee in GSCK leave the premises unattended or attend to personal business off site while on duty.
  • Night time cover in GSCK is waking cover.
  • Writing reports and maintaining appropriate and accurate records as required.
  • Communicate with incoming staff, students or volunteer staff at shift changeover.
  • Attend to reception duties e.g. telephone, fax, typing, case files etc.
  • Attend management/operational supervision.
  • Operate the duty roster as agreed with the manager.
  • Contact immediately the managers in the event of an emergency. In the event that the managers are unavailable, please refer to the General Manager.
  • Maintain the highest level of confidentiality in relation to services users and staff and all information, written or verbal, concerning the operation of GSCK.
  • Carry out appropriate duties as may be assigned by the Service Manager. Duties and responsibilities of the post may change in line with the needs of each individual service user, therefore employees must be prepared to be flexible and have a willingness to change and adapt to new plans and situations.
  • Ensure that all service users are aware of their responsibilities as per their signed “Service User Responsibility” forms.
  • Be fully aware of GSCK Health & Safety File and emergency procedures and to be vigilant to any Health, Safety & Welfare risks in the workplace and to bring any concerns to the attention of the manager.
  • Ensure the building is safe and secure at night.
  • Attend work related training programmes, workshops, courses as may be required from time to time.
  • Maintain a high standard of work performance, attendance, appearance, and punctuality at all times.
  • Ensure good working relationships are maintained with colleagues.
  • Be available for day and night shifts.
  • Have a working knowledge of the National Quality Standards for Homeless Services and the National Standards for Better Safer Healthcare for implementing and maintaining these standards as appropriate to the role.

Eligibility Criteria

Professional Qualifications and/or experience

(i) Posses a Quality and Qualifications Ireland (QQI) Level 5 (or higher) in Healthcare Support, Health Service Skills or Social Care/Studies
(ii) A relevant health care qualification equivalent
(iii) Have experience of working with individuals experiencing homelessness, mental health and substance misuse issues.
a) Candidates must have the personal competence and capacity to properly discharge the functions of this role.


  • At least one years’ experience of working in a paid or voluntary capacity in a social care context.
  • Experience on a homeless sector service would be a distinct advantage.

Skills, Competencies and/or Knowledge

Post Specific Requirement: Ability to Demonstrate

  • An understanding of the needs of people experiencing homelessness.
  • Knowledge of legislation relating to homelessness.
  • Knowledge and understanding around addiction; mental health issues and criminality.

Professional Knowledge

  • Demonstrate sufficient professional knowledge and understanding of working with persons experiencing homelessness, mental health and substance misuse issues and/or working with marginalised and vulnerable groups.
  • Demonstrate the importance of adopting a client centred approach: where the needs and preferences of the individuals are recognised and supported.

Planning & Managing Resources

  • Demonstrate the ability to multi task and cope under pressure while maintaining composure

Evaluate Information, Problem Solving & Decision Making

  • Demonstrate the ability to evaluate information and make effective decisions/solve problems especially with regard to service user wellbeing and care.

Teamwork/ Leadership Skills

  • Demonstrate your ability to work independently or as part of a team
  • Demonstrate an ability to work as a team member, with service users and management.

Commitment to providing a Quality Service

  • Demonstrate a commitment to assuring high standards and strive for user centred service.
  • Demonstrate initiative and flexibility in providing a quality service
  • Demonstrate empathy and caring in providing a quality service to service users

Professional Development

  • Analyse and reflect on what is required for competent, effective and safe working
  • Continually monitor, evaluate and reflect on:
    • Your knowledge and skills
    • Your attitudes and behaviour
    • Any experiences and personal beliefs that might affect your work
    • How well you work and what can be improved
    • The processes and outcomes from your work
  • Take action, with supervision and support, to access development opportunities that will enhance your knowledge and work
  • Review the impact of such development opportunities on your work
  • Understand your role and responsibilities in supervision process and you allocate time to and preparation to ensure it is a worthwhile and meaningful process

Promoting Health and Wellbeing

  • Encourage and support individuals to examine aspects of their lives and environment that affect their health and wellbeing and to select positive options to promote their own health and wellbeing.
  • Promote individual’s rights to comment, complain or make suggestions to ensure choice and wellbeing.

Managing Challenging Behaviour

Support individuals to: explore and communicate their feelings about their behaviour, recognise and understand the consequences of their behaviour and understand the effects of their behaviour on others and why it might be unacceptable. Support individuals to understand what might happen and the actions that would have to be taken, if they behave in ways that are: unacceptable to your organisation’s policies and procedures outside the law.Support individuals to seek support from key workers to help them understand and deal with their behaviour and the reasons for it.Seek additional support for yourself, to enable you to work more effectively with individuals who have challenging behaviour.


Work with individuals to understand their preferred methods of communication and language and ensure that any specific aids they require are available. Encourage individuals to:

  • engage with others and to respond appropriately
  • express their feelings and emotions in acceptable ways
  • overcome barriers to communication

Access and update records and reports on your work with the individuals accurately, comprehensively and according to legal, organisational procedures and requirements.Involve and support individuals to contribute and understand records and reports concerning them.Ensure the security and access to records and reports are according to confidentiality agreements and legal and organisational procedures.

Other Requirements specific to the post

  • To respond in a warm and compassionate manner while retaining professional boundaries
  • Non-judgemental attitude
  • The ability to work within professional boundaries
  • Excellent interpersonal communication skills both verbal and written are essential
  • The ability to work on own initiative
  • To have excellent report writing and record keeping skills
  • Proficient IT skills including MS Word and experience with a database
  • Knowledge/training in TCI, De-escalation techniques or other crisis management techniques would be an advantage.

Applications are to be posted to The Good Shepherd Centre Kilkenny CLG, Church Lane, Kilkenny, 0567722566 or emailed to: or

Closing date for sending applications is: 27th March 2019.



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