Camphill Community Kyle: Deputy Person in Charge (incorporating the role of Safeguarding & Complaints Officer)

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incorporating the role of Safeguarding & Complaints Officer

Located in Kyle, Coolagh, Callan, Co. Kilkenny


BACKGROUND TO THE POST: Camphill Communities of Ireland (CCoI) works to create sustainable intentional communities where children and adults of all abilities, many with special needs, can live learn and work with others in healthy social relationships based on mutual care and respect.

Job title: Deputy Person in Charge incorporating the role of Safeguarding & Complaints Officer

Reports to: Person In Charge

Job Purpose & Role:

To support the intentional community, in developing and formalising a person centred culture and to achieve a high quality of personal outcomes in a time of rapidly changing regulatory requirements, while maintaining its ethos and values.

Camphill Communities of Ireland works to create sustainable communities where adults of all abilities, many with special needs, can live learn and work with others in healthy social relationships based on mutual care and respect. The sustaining of healthy reciprocal relationships is at the core of life in Camphill. In Camphill we strive to create an environment where every individual is treated with dignity, is valued for what they contribute, and is able to make informed decisions and supported to do so. Each person is supported to voice their needs, express themselves, and be heard. Each person can strive to meet their full potential and can live a healthy and meaningful life. We acknowledge these as the rights of all human beings, irrespective of ability or disability. As part of creating an environment in which the rights of all are upheld we each acknowledge responsibility to uphold the rights of others.

Type of Contract

Number of Hours: 40 hours per week dependent on contract

Job Description: The job of the Deputy Person in Charge (incorporating the role of Community Complaints and Safeguarding Officer) is to uphold Camphill’s Community ethos and principles in their role as Deputy Person in Charge and to work alongside and support the Person in Charge in the daily management of the Centre. As the Community Complaints and Safeguarding Officer you will be responsible for managing feedback within the Community and ensuring that the Community provides a safe, secure, and good quality of life for those living and supported by the Community.

There are two key duties within the role of Complaints & Safeguarding Officer;

(1) responsibility for the management of Complaints, Comments and Compliments for the Community
(2) responsible for the overall coordination and management of the Safeguarding of Adults

Key Activities, Responsibilities and Job Requirements:

  • Understanding the values and ethos of Camphill Lifesharing communities and to behave at all times in a way that upholds those values.
  • To contribute with colleagues to the development and strategic vision of the community.
  • To take responsibility for challenging bad practice constructively where you encounter it, using formal procedures where necessary.
  • Building and maintaining relationships of trust and confidence with the adults with special needs, co-workers, employees and volunteers.
  • To liaise with and participate as part of the Management Group or other designated person or group as appropriate.
  • To work in accordance with the policies and procedures laid down by the Camphill Communities of Ireland.
  • Adhere to HIQA standards and engage with inspections and audits carried out by HIQA/HSE
  • To engage in personal and professional development that will ensure the necessary skills and knowledge in meeting the changing needs of the position.

Understanding the Ethos of a life sharing community

The role will require building good working relationships with co-workers, employees and people with special needs and it is recognised that this will require time for informal meetings and conversations, sometimes joining a house at mealtimes, and some leisure education activities or front line responsibility, in order to gain a picture of the full life of the community.

The role will require sensitivity and insight into the ethos of a life sharing community and more specifically a Camphill Community and it is expected that the person will familiarise themselves with the basic concepts, ideals and principles of these. All tasks and responsibilities must be supportive of the above, carried out with regard to the same and not compromise the fundamental values of a Camphill Community.

Main Tasks

Safeguarding- Acting in the role of designated officer in relation to safeguarding issues. Dealing with allegation of abuse in line with Camphill policy and HSE policy- reporting to and liasing with the NCMT, HSE, Tusla, HIQA, the Gardai and families as appropriate. Conducting preliminary screenings – draft Safeguarding Plans and write Preliminary Screening reports as required. (Training will be provided to the successful candidate.)

  • To be vigilant to breaches of safety and show awareness that a vulnerable adult or child could be at risk of maltreatment or abuse within Camphill or the wider society.
  • To promote and put in place preventative measures that ensure vulnerable adults and children are safe within the care of Camphill Community.
  • Where there is a suspicion that a vulnerable adult or child may be at risk, to respond in a consistent and timely manner acting as the Community’s designated officer in line with Camphill’s Adult Protection policy framework.
  • Ensuring reporting obligation are met
  • Ensuring the appropriate manager is informed and collaboratively ensuring necessary actions are identified and implemented.
  • To be locally responsible for the coordination and management of the Safeguarding Adults and Children cases and ensure reporting to the NCMT, parents, Gardai, HSE and HIQA as may be necessary.
  • To provide a safeguarding function in the Community that promotes the safety and welfare of residents and work within the Community to identifying areas of weakness that may occur in safeguarding.
  • To promote a culture and practice that supports positive behaviour and emotional well being working closely with Co–workers and others in Camphill to promote and safeguard the welfare of all who live and work in the Communities.
  • To ensure that the rights of person’s supported by Camphill are respected and upheld and persons are not subjected to restrictive procedures. To conduct training for staff in this area where appropriate.
  • To support an awareness of, and ensure there is appropriate risk assessments undertaken within the Community, to safeguard and enable persons supported by Camphill in their rights as citizens.
  • To ensure there is proper recording, reporting and action taken in respect of incidents that may pose a risk to a vulnerable adult supported by the Community.
  • To be aware of the legal and regulatory duties and be fully familiar with Camphill’s policy and procedure relating to this area of work ensuring that all duties and responsibilities are discharged in accordance with them.
  • To attend meetings and training as required to improve service delivery and further professional development.
  • To support and promote best practice in record keeping throughout Camphill in line with Data Protection guidelines and legislation.
  • To ensure that all complaints received by the Community are managed by principles of best practice complaints management and uphold rights, respect and fairness.
  • To carry out other supervision of staff on a 6 weekly basis, in line with company policy.

Complaints and Feedback- Acting as the complaints officer in relation to complaints and feedback from community members with support needs and their families. Involvement with the complaints, disciplinary or safeguarding procedure where these involve someone with special needs (also as third party).

  • To act as a first point of contact for anyone with any queries about the procedure for providing feedback or making complaints.
  • To receive and record all complaints.
  • To ensure that all complaints received by the Community are fully investigated in line with the Camphill’s Complaints Policy and Procedure.
  • To undertake the investigation of complaints ensuring there is no conflict of interest in such investigation.
  • To ensure that matters relating to individual complaints are kept confidential in accordance with policy and procedure.
  • To provide informal advice and assistance on complaints when a concern is raised, and where possible, to resolve these without the need for a formal complaint.
  • To provide support and guidance to Community members in respect of receiving feedback and service development.
  • To develop, co-ordinate and participate in the training of Community members, family and friends and other stakeholders in relation to complaints.
  • To ensure there is appropriate and accessible publicity material relating to complaints available and that this is disseminated.
  • To ensure that there is knowledge of the availability and access to advocacy services for those wishing to avail of such services, e.g. National Advocacy Service.
  • To promote the principles of mediation and other forms of alternative dispute resolution in resolving complaints and concerns where required.
  • To prepare statistical information, monitoring and reporting on complaints as required.
  • To ensure learning from Complaints, Comments and Compliments is considered and implemented in the practice of the Community.
  • To undertake periodic spot checks by contacting previous complainants for their comments on the procedure and the way in which the complaint was dealt with.
  • To establish, promote and develop effective relationships both within the Community, with families and with other external stakeholders.

Relationships and Sexuality Training support for the people with special needs where this is needed or helpful.

Training- devise and deliver training to staff, co-workers and residents in the community in areas such as:

  • Safeguarding
  • Dealing with Complaints
  • Advocacy and Self Advocacy for people with special needs
  • Keeping Safe training for people with Special Needs
  • Training in relationships and sexuality guidance for the people with special needs where this is needed or helpful.

Main Tasks

Supervision and Accountability

  • The Deputy Person in Charge/Designated Officer will be supported and supervised by the Person in Charge, who will oversee the work, give feedback, direction, and prioritise the workload as well as liaise with the other co-workers in the community.
  • The Deputy Person in Charge/Designated Officer will be responsible to the PIC and will be required to be present and contribute at meetings, such as the Management Group or Welfare Group meeting.
  • The general direction, workload, and prioritisation of the role will be reviewed annually.

Closing date for receipt of applications is Wednesday, 16th January 2019.

To apply, please send an application letter and an up-to-date Curriculum Vitae to

Informal enquiries also to Frances Wheeler on 056 7725737

(Please note that the Camphill Kyle office will be closed from 5.00pm Friday 21st December 2018 and will re-open on Wednesday 2nd January 2019)


Co Kilkenny

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