AkiDwA: Coordinator

AkiDwA Post for the Coordinator

AkiDwA, The Migrant Women’s Network Ireland is looking to recruit a Coordinator

Established in 2001 AkiDwA is an ethnic minority-led national network of migrant women living in Ireland. The Organisation promotes the equality of migrant women in Irish society, free of gender and racial stereotyping and applies a holistic approach to integration, promoting a migrant and gender-specific approach to public services as well as encouraging migrant women’s access to mainstream services and initiatives

This is a post requiring an exceptional and energetic person with a combination of personal, professional and technical skills and knowledge, with an ability to work fast and strategically.

Position Title: Coordinator
Reports to: AkiDwA Board of Directors
Hours: Fulltime
Job duration: One Year

Planning and operation Coordination

  • Work with the Board of Management to deliver AkiDwA vision
  • Oversee the efficient and effective day-to-day operation and coordinate AkiDwA in line with the expectations of the board.
  • Initiate Plan, implement and coordinate activities and projects in consultation with the board, in particular develop measures and innovative ideas on AkiDwA four key areas of objectives based on AkiDwA strategic plan
  • Oversee the planning, implementation, execution and evaluation of specific projects in cooperation with AkiDwA board, this in particular relate to AkiDwA major work on Female Genital Mutilation and other funded projects.
  • To take part in board meetings, to prepare and distribute to the board the necessary documents for such board meetings in advance
  • Ensure AkiDwA is fully and timely compliant with the requirements of the Charities Act, Companies Act and other legislation
  • Prepare for comprehensive reports for the board and funders on the activities of AkiDwA, measuring actual outcomes against planned outcomes
  • Ensure AkiDwA has effective external and internal communications and relationships with stakeholders and funders and keep them informed of the work of AkiDwA.
  • Together with AkiDwA board and honorary president enhance the work and profile of the organisation by representing AkiDwA at relevant, meetings, working groups and events
  • Mobilize, recruit, develop and maintain relationships with members and ensure there is engagement and effective communication
  • Support and supervise staff, interns and volunteers working in the organisation


  • Ensure the financial aspects of AkiDwA including cash control-petty cash, banking, budgeting, income and expenditure and financial reporting are in order.
  • Provide the board with comprehensive, regular reports on all income and expenditure.
  • Ensure funders reports are submitted on time

Essential criteria

  • Experience of leading a team in delivering activities
  • Proven ability to produce written reports and coordinating activities and supervising staff
  • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills
  • Proven experience of continuing service development,
  • Excellent problem solving and decision making skills;
  • Strong project management skills including a track record of stakeholder relationship management
  • Ability to priorities and schedule workloads in the face of conflicting demands.
  • Desirable Criteria Experience of engaging proactively with all stakeholders from diverse backgrounds which include Migrant Women/ community, NGO sectors , policy makers and funders

Skills and qualifications

  • Masters or Degree in social science or sociology or equivalent with a minimum of 3 years’ experience
  • understanding of all strands of equalities, human and women’s rights and feminist Ethos


The position will be based at the AkiDwA Office, Unit 2, Killarney Court, Upper Buckingham Street Dublin 1.

If interested Please send CV and cover letter through post and address it to, Chairperson, AkiDwA, Unit 2, Killarney Court, Upper Buckingham Street Dublin 1 by Friday 13th April 2018


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