SWICN Clubhouse: Youth Support Worker (CE Scheme)

Youth Support Worker with (CE Scheme)

SWICN Clubhouse


SWICN Clubhouse provides a safe and creative learning environment for young people between the ages of 10 and 21. We are a non-profit organization and are part of a global network of 105 Clubhouses. The Clubhouse aims to provide the young people with new skills, confidence and choices that are not otherwise available to them, helping them to succeed in their careers and lives. Members are welcome to come in for several hours, five days a week to participate in a range of projects such as film making, music, art, robotics, electronics, photography, web development, digital arts, sports, cooking, outdoor activities and much more. During each project, members benefit from working with mentors to explore ideas, develop skills and build confidence through the use of technology. Relationship building is key to the development and progression of each young person.

Duration: 1 to 3 years
Hours of Work: 19.5 hours a week

Summary of Position:

To support the work of the SWICN Clubhouse as part of the youth work team, by assisting the youth workers in planning, running and evaluating multimedia and technology based programmes.

Duties & Responsibilities:

  • Assist the youth workers in carrying out various creative programmes through the use of art, multimedia and technology
  • Plan and evaluate programmes with young people and youth workers
  • Build positive working relationships with young people
  • Identify the needs of the young people and develop the appropriate responses with support from the team.
  • Develop links with agencies, groups and institutions which involve young people and which have an impact on their lives (school, family, justice).
  • Advocate with and for young people where appropriate
  • Attend meetings where required
  • Carry out evening and occasional weekend work.
  • Undertake the necessary training
  • Participate in weekly youth work team meetings
  • Abide by the child protection policy and other policies and procedures of the youth service
  • Work flexible hours

Please send CV and cover letters to info@sdvg.ie


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