Intensive Community Programmes: Full and Part time Project Workers

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ICP is seeking applicants for full and part time project workers with social care and/or equivalent qualifications nationwide.

ICP is a young and outward looking company offering bespoke interventions to ‘hard to reach’ young people. Our fundamental goal is to reach each young person ‘where they are at’ and through accepting this proceed to supporting them to find their full potential. ICP provides intervention services to support young people in an array of living arrangements as set out in the young person’s care plan, working closely with the young person, their family and other agencies / statutory bodies to develop and deliver a trauma informed model of care that takes its influence from the AMBIT Model. 

ICP recognise the need for young people to have available to them an approachable adult who can demonstrate the ability to role model positive life skills. The organisation recognises and values the ability of professional staff who are able to attune to the individual needs of young people as they navigate challenging circumstances. 

ICP provides to its’ staff a comprehensive in-house training package which supports and equips our staff with the sensitivities and skills best suited to the individual needs of referred young people.  By accepting where the young person is at and acknowledging that from their perspective their own behaviour is working for them we can deliver an attuned intervention that creates the basis for healing and growth.

ICP Project Workers are supported to develop and work to the highest of internationally recognised professional standards, with in-house training, supervision, program development and delivery being supported on a systematic basis.

Due to the individual nature of the interventions being offered across the service, there are opportunities for staff to work in and contribute to the formation of what amounts in an Irish context to a different service model.  Staff can avail of flexible working conditions within the array of bespoke interventions being offered to young people through outreach, community based registered residential homes and aftercare.

ICP currently offer the following community-based programmes:   

  • Leaving and After Care Programmes for young people with complex needs who on exiting care are not equipped to make a sustainable transition into adult living. 
  • Intensive Intervention Programmes for young people at home who by reason of their presentation are at risk of entry into state care.   
  • Intensive Placement Support Programmes for young people within the foster care system who are at risk of placement breakdown and destabilization.  
  • Intensive Transition Programmes for young people in specialist residential care settings requiring a planned re-integration into a community-based placement.  
  • Intensive Family Support Programmes to include parenting capacity assessment on short   medium or long-term basis.
  • Intensive Community Based Residential Programmes

We are currently recruiting for full and part time Project Workers to work in all of the above services nationwide.

  • Minimum Level 7 Degree preferably in Social Care or relevant discipline 
  • A minimum of 1-year relevant work experience 
  • Willing to travel and be flexible

Interested parties should forward cover letter and curriculum vitae including three references to all applicants will be subject to Garda Vetting procedures.

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