Activelink Web Exchange

The Activelink Web Exchange is a project that we run from time to time where we, sometimes in conjunction with other contributors, provide free web-development services to progressive non-profit organisations to assist them in developing their web-presence. We utilise the Drupal web content management system (CMS) for this purpose, in order to provide its beneficiaries with web sites that can easily be developed further by themselves or other parties.

Can my organisation make use of the Activelink Web Exchange?

We do not presently accept requests for free web-development services. We usually offer such services to organisations that we have chosen to support who have personnel who are familiar with the usage of an advanced CMS, who are willing to make a personal investment in building information-rich web sites that both spread their organisation's message while benefitting their site's visitors.

Can I see sites that have been built by the Activelink Web Exchange?

Yes, we have two projects that are presently live, and in different stages of development. A good web site is a living entity that is never complete, in our opinion - a web site that is 'finished' is a dead web site, unless its purpose is solely to convey information about an individual project that has been completed. We are currently developing sites for Inclusion Ireland and Social Justice Ireland.