Nurture Africa

Why does Nurture Africa exist?

To nurture the mental, physical and emotional growth and well being of Ugandan HIV/AIDS infected and affected orphans and vulnerable children, as their HIV+ parents/guardians.

How does Nurture Africa help?

By providing access to quality healthcare (Primary healthcare and specialist HIV treatment and care), education and sustainable livelihoods projects whilst mainstreaming child welfare and gender equality through all of our activities.

What impact does support from Nurture Africa have on their lives?

We prevent the HIV infected children and adults from dying by providing access to lifesaving anti – retroviral (ARVs) medication which stops the HIV replicating in their bodies. We enable the orphans and vulnerable children to stay in school with the goal they each child can attain a qualification, secure employment, and becoming a positive influence in Ugandan Society.

Contact Information: 

Nurture Africa
54 Pembroke Road,
Dublin 4,

Ph: +353 (0)1 4434843


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