Our mission is to enable absolutely poor people to achieve major improvements in their lifestyles which are sustainable without ongoing support from Concern. To this end we will work with the poor themselves and with local and international partners who share our vision to create just and peaceful societies where the poor can exercise their fundamental rights.

To achieve our mission the organisation:

  • responds to people in a caring and personalised manner that emphasises their human and cultural dignity;
  • is prepared to work effectively in the most difficult of circumstances with poor people;
  • forms alliances and working arrangements with other organisations and government bodies;
  • balances enthusiasm and necessary risk-taking with prudent judgement and a professional approach;
  • uses creativity and pragmatism in the face of obstacles to its work;
  • engages in long term development work, responds to emergency situations, and undertakes development education and advocacy on those aspects of world poverty which require national or international action.

The organisation is head quartered in Dublin, with offices in Belfast, London, Glasgow and an affiliate organisation in New York.

Contact Information: 

52-55 Lower Camden Street, Dublin 2

Tel: 01 - 417 7700
Fax: 01 - 475 7362


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